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Can you fly, Bobby?
~ Clarence before throwing Bobby off a truck.
Sayonara, RoboCop!
~ Clarence's last words before he gets brutally killed by RoboCop in their final confrontation.

Clarence Boddicker is the central antagonist of the 1987 sci-fi film RoboCop.

He is a nefarious and homicidal gang lord who also works for OCP senior vice president Dick Jones as his personal contract killer. He is significantly responsible for the creating of RoboCop by OCP after he brutally gunned down Officer Alex Murphy, which consequently resulted in both his wife Ellen and their son James moving to a new home in the process.

He was portrayed by Kurtwood Smith.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • Prior to the film, he is a notorious gang boss in Detroit, and committed many crimes such as rape, grand theft auto, armed robbery, and mass murder. He also had a record of murdering 31 police officers.
  • During one of the robberies, he was angered at one of his men for accidentally burning the money, and threw him off his vehicle onto the police car that was chasing them as a distraction.
  • He is partially responsible for the creation of RoboCop, as he mutilated and gunned down Officer Alex Murphy, making him undergo heavy surgery and to be reborn as a cyborg. Not to mention, his actions also caused Murphy's wife Ellen and his son James to move to a new home, making him The Heavy of the film (or even the franchise).
  • He works as Dick Jones' contract killer in order to expand his notoriety.
  • On the orders of Jones, he tortured and killed Bob Morton, an OCP executive involved with Project RoboCop that recreated Murphy.
  • When cornered by RoboCop, he tried cowardly begging for his life.
  • Though refused to deal with RoboCop again, Clarence agrees to work for Jones again when he was enticed by the future profits for him.
  • He didn't care when he accidentally ran over Emile, only screaming in surprise.
  • He does not care about or being loyal to anyone, neither his gang nor Jones, as he only works with him when he learns he can profit off his project and even rats Jones out to Robocop upon being cornered.

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