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Hi. I'm Chucky. Wanna play?
~ Chucky's famous catchphrase.
I'm gonna get you for it! I'm gonna get you! One of me is gonna get you! NO MATTER WHAT!!
~ Chucky's villainous breakdown when learned Tiffany is the mastermind who send Detective Mike Norris.

Charles Lee "Chucky" Ray, also known as The Lakeshore Strangler, is the main antagonist of the Child's Play film series and its 2021 live-action TV series of the same name.

He is manipulative and diabolical child-murdering doll who is Tiffany's ex-husband, Glen and Glenda's father, and both Andy Barclay and Jake Wheeler's arch-nemesis and former "best friend".

He is portrayed by Brad Dourif. As a young child, he was portrayed by David Kohlsmith, as a teenager, he was portrayed by Tyler Barish, and as a young adult, he was portrayed by Brad's daughter Fiona Dourif.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

In General

  • Despite having a lot of comedic moments, they don't detract from his crimes and murders or make him less evil. In fact, most of them show more of how truly vile and sadistic he is.
  • He has killed countless people all in brutal ways for sadistic pleasure and/or to toy with his other victims.
  • While many of his victims were jerks, this doesn't fully justify killing them, and he has killed plenty of innocent people, and he did not kill them because they were jerks but because they were just an easy target.
  • Due to the fact that he always comes back everytime he dies, he technically gets away with all his crimes (Though he was brutally tortured and mutilated by Andy for 4 years).
  • During his relationship with Tiffany, he held no genuine love for her as he constantly abused her, saw her as nothing more than a killing partner and someone he can have sex with and has shown to be perfectly willing to get rid of her whenever she does anything that angers him without a shred of remorse.


  • Killed his mother after she hid with him in a closet to escape from the Hackensack Slasher, who had broken into his house and gutted his father, in his own birthday, admiring what the killer did to his father and wanting to aid him, earning him the Hackensack Slasher's respect.
  • Murdered the janitor of the orphanage he was sent to live at, just because the janitor carelessly ruined his only pair of shoes because he accidentally brought mud to the floor, and showed his corpse to three boys he was playing with, scaring two of them.
  • During his young adulthood, he picked up a blonde exotic dancer named Delilah and a redhead exotic dancer named Tiffany Valentine. While seeing how they made out, he tried to stab Tiffany, but because she urged him to do so whereas Delilah was horrified, he opted to stab Delilah to death instead and let Tiffany join him in stabbing her co-worker.
  • He also murdered Tiffany's mother for no apparent reason, as confirmed in Seed Of Chucky.
  • Murdered numerous people in the past, earning him the name "The Lakeshore Strangler".
  • He kidnapped and abused Sarah Pierce after murdering her husband and stabbed her pregnant stomach for calling the police on him (though the one who called was actually Tiffany), which led to her daughter Nica being paralyzed from the waist down upon her birth.

Child's Play

  • He psychologically tormented, traumatized, and manipulated a young Andy Barclay, destroying his entire childhood in the process, as a way to take over his body and effectively kill him.
  • He killed Maggie Peterson and framed Andy for it.
  • He blew up the house of his own partner, Eddie Caputo, with him inside for leaving him behind on the night he was killed even though they were friends since their days at the orphanage. Though reasonable as Eddie betrayed him and left him for dead.
  • He killed John, the one who taught him voodoo by torturing him with a voodoo doll of himself and stabbing him in the chest even after he told him what he wanted to know.
  • He attempt to strangle Detective Mike Norris for killing his human body.
  • He fried Dr. Admore to death with a mechanical device while Andy tried to warn Admore about Chucky.

Child's Play 2

  • It's revealed that he caused Andy to be separated from his mother and put into multiple foster homes due to people not believing him that Chucky was alive.
  • Lies to the police by saying he's Andy's uncle as a way to find and kill him.
  • Sadistically toyed with Mattson before suffocating him with a plastic bag.
  • Killed Andy's teacher, Ms. Kettlewell, by stabbing her in the stomach and smacking her with a ruler until she died. However, it is hard to feel any sympathy for Ms. Kettlewell because of how mean she was to Andy.
  • He killed Andy and Kyle's adoptive parents in front of them.
  • He blackmailed Andy into going to the doll factory his current body was made in and allowing him to transfer his soul into Andy's body by threatening to slit his throat.
  • He has absolutely no problem at all trying to kill Andy once he realized it was too late to transfer his soul into him.
  • Randomly murdered a factory technician at the Good Guy factory.

Child's Play 3

  • He gleefully murders Mr. Sullivan after toying and tormenting him. (he deserved it though for wanting to continue making chucky dolls despite knowing the potential threat to innocent citizens)
  • Attempted to possess the body of Ronald Tyler, eventually threatening the child at gun and knifepoint.
  • Gruesomely killed a garbage man who attempted to save him by trapping and crushing him in a trash compactor while laughing about it.
  • He indirectly killed Colonel Cochrane, since Chucky caused him have a fatal heart attack.
  • Killed Sergeant Botnick by slitting his throat with a razor, laughing maniacally as Botnick slowly dies
  • Sabotages the military school's annual war games by swapping paintballs with bullets simply to enjoy the chaos.
  • Throws a grenade at a group of teenagers, forcing Whitehurst to sacrifice his life by jumping on the grenade and save them all.

Bride of Chucky

  • Brutally killed Damien by tearing out his lip piecing and smothering him with a pillow for joking about his size.
  • Delighted himself when his wife Tiffany reacted horrified at her transformation into a doll after he killed her human body to get back at her for locking him in a playpen even though he never cared for her affection.
  • He frequently abused and mistreated Tiffany and saw her love for him as a joke, and eventually kills her in the final confrontation.

Seed of Chucky

  • Intended to turn his innocent-minded son Glen into a serial killer just like him.
  • Kills Brittany Spears by ramming her off the road just for cutting him off.
  • Brutally killed four people while forcing Glen to tag along with him, greatly traumatizing him.
  • Attempted to fondle Jennifer Tilly when she was tied down to a bed, only stopping because Tiffany walked in on him.
  • He decided he rather remain a killer doll then have a life of fame and luxury in Hollywood with his wife Tiffany in Jennifer Tilly's body showing how much he loves killing.
  • He murders Tiffany(In her doll form) as revenge for her leaving him.
  • He attempted to kill Glen after he attacked him in retaliation for him seemingly killing Tiffany.

Curse of Chucky

  • He kills Sarah’s husband Daniel Pierce to have her.
    • Although it seems that Charles truly loved Sarah despite killing her husband and ruining her life and possibility having a redeeming quality, this was unsurprisingly just an obsession and probably just a misogynistic desire to control a woman. To make matters even worse, he locks her up in his basement and keeps her tied up to a bed giving her flowers and presents but this is still far from genuine love and just an obsession. And at last he kills her which confirms he never really loved her at all.
  • He tracked down Sarah and murdered her as vengeance for calling the police on him, and eventually kills her entire family and frames Nica.
  • Poisons Father Frank with rat poison, resulting in him and two other people being killed in a violent car crash.
  • He successfully transferred his soul into young Alice after suffocating her grandmother to death.

Cult of Chucky

  • It is revealed that after he possessed Alice, he used her to murder more people, eventually resulting in Alice being killed when one of the victims defended themselves, and showed no remorse for getting her killed.
  • Murders nearly all of the patients and staff within a mental hospital after splitting his soul into multiple Good Guy dolls.
  • Successfully takes over Nica Pierce's body, seemingly killing her in the process.
  • He leaves Andy to be trapped in at the asylum while also mocking him, possibly to be framed for his newest killing spree.


  • Killed Jake Wheeler's cat simply for annoying him.
  • Murdered Jake Wheeler's father Lucas by vomiting alcohol on him while he was making some reparations, electrocuting him to death.
  • Gave an apple containing a razor blade to a hapless woman just to give her a "treat" during Halloween Night, injuring her mouth.
  • Plots to manipulate Jake into committing murder and make him a killer just like himself, pleading him to kill his bully, Lexy Cross.
  • Killed Oliver due to mistaking him for Lexy Cross even though he realized after first stabbing him that he wasn't Cross.
  • Burned down Lexy Cross' house, sending many teens, like Junior and Devon, and also Lexy's 8 year old sister, to the hospital.
  • He pushed Bree Wheeler to her death, causing her husband and son to believe that she committed suicide.
  • He killed Devon's mother, the police detective, just in front of him, by throwing her by the stairs.
  • After killing the police detective, he deliberately takes Caroline off life support when she was rendered comatose because of him.
  • He beheaded the school headmaster and made the entire city see her decapitated and her head rolling off.
  • He made Junior kill his own father.
  • After learning his wife, Tiffany, is the mastermind who send his location to Detective Mike Norris at Chicago, Chucky swore that he will kill Tiffany for what she has done to him.
  • He kills Junior, though he also killed him.
  • He tries to kill Jake, only for him to choke him to death.


  • In the run-up to his eponymous television show, Child's Play creator Don Mancini commented that Chucky accepted Glen's gender fluidity in Seed of Chucky, and this seems to be shown in the show's first episode, where Chucky tells Jake Wheeler that he supports his homosexuality due to his experiences with Glen. However, although Chucky did accept Glen's gender fluidity by calling him "multi-talented", seemingly presenting a redeeming quality, this was undone by him attempting to attack Glen at the end of Seed of Chucky, thus throwing away the potential redeeming quality.
    • Another potential redeeming quality could have been his disgust in towards Dr. Foley in Cult of Chucky when he realizes that Foley hypnotizes Nica to molest her, complaining that people call him sick and wondering if he should kill Foley or just take notes of his deeds. However, this is rather an example of Chucky's hypocrisy, considering that he has exhibited signs of being a sexual predator and tried to grope Jennifer Tilly in Seed of Chucky.
    • There's also the fact that he may have loved Tiffany before her betrayal but as he killed her twice it is unlikely that he loved her enough to disqualify him from being Pure Evil. Not to mention, Chucky was extremely abusive to Tiffany during their relationship, even expressing disgust for love in general in Bride of Chucky.
  • The 2019 remake incarnation of Chucky doesn't count as Pure Evil given that such version is a robotic doll who was programmed to be evil since it was assembled, causing moral agency issues, as well as genuinely caring for Andy.

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