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Cho Sang Heon (In Korean: 조상헌, Cho Sang Heon) is a major antagonist of the 2020 ~ 2021 South Korean television series The Penthouse: War in Life. He is a member of the Happy Future Party and chairman of the Charity Foundation.

He was portrayed by Byun Woo-min.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • He ran a philanthropic business and made a lot of money by harvesting and selling organs from children raised in Min Hyung Sik's orphanage.
  • He tried to sexually harass Oh Yoon-hee.
  • He enjoys affair with actresses.
  • He doesn't care about the deaths of orphans, arguing that the death of Min Seol Ah is such a big deal.
  • He agrees to Joo Dan Tae's request in exchange for a large political fund and a bag of luxury watches from Joo Dan Tae.
  • He threatens Shim Su Ryeon and demands certain conditions in return for keeping his mouth shut.
  • He threatened Oh Yoon Hee over the phone to get his money back.
  • He tried to expose to Joo Dan Tae that Shim Su Ryeon was trying to dig up a secret about Min Seol Ah and brutally attacked Shim Su Ryeon, nearly killing her.
  • Overall, despite being an antagonist in little screen time, his trafficking of children's organs left several children and Min Seol Ah misery, and he stands out enough as he nearly killed Shim Su Ryeon.


  • He and Min Hyung Sik are the only Pure Evils in the The Penthouse: War in Life franchise.
  • He was Oh Yoon-hee's father-in-law in the early script for the Penthouse franchise that Kim Soon-ok envisioned, but this script was scrapped as the Penthouse franchise was moved to SBS and the cast of the main characters was changed. The same goes for Joo Dan Tae, who is considered the only Near Pure Evil within the Penthouse franchise.

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