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A few minor losses must be expected. It is natural for casualties to be generated in war. Anyway, I wouldn't worry about it. In the grand scheme of things, we had what your typical politician would call a 'landslide victory' in yesterday's battle.
~ Chester showing how callous he is.
That's the difference between you and me, Loud. I took my meddling sisters out of the picture, permanently! But you? You're too spineless! I guess unlike myself, living with a bunch of girls made you into less of a man.
~ Chester insulting Lincoln while implying he killed his own sisters.

Chester Bundy is the central antagonist of The Loud House fanfiction It's a Kid's World. Chester at first appears to be a normal kid that wants to help out as much as he can after all the adults in the world mysteriously vanish. In reality, Chester reveals himself to be a brutal sadist only interested in getting as much power as he can by any means necessary. Chester serves as the main villain of the Committee storyline for the first four seasons until his death.


Chester at first appears to be a normal kid who just wants to help out despite his rather questionable methods. He later reveals himself to be an extremely cruel man who likes torturing people for fun. It is later revealed that his true motive is to get as much power and attention as he can which stems from feeling overshadowed by his sisters.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • When He starts disagreeing with several of Chandler's methods biggest one being how many people he is letting into their society. He grabs a kid named Jim and slowly and painfully tortures him until finally executing him by crucifixion.
  • In the next committee meeting he proposes to the rest of the committee that they go to war with the other side of Royal Woods and expand their territory giving them access to more supplies. He also shows no care about the possibility of many people dying as a result, the committee shoots him down but Chester goes behind their back to do this anyway.
  • Convinces his followers to overthrow the committee and do things their way.
  • Imprisoned all the members of the committee and took over the society with little effort and then planned to go to war with the other side knowing that his followers were hungry for blood.
  • Takes over the other side of Royal Woods, but as a result, they lose a large amount of the community which Chester coldly dismisses.
  • When The Morticians Guard, led by Lincoln, tries to tell Chester about the zombie threat but Chester ignores it.
  • During a conversation with Lincoln he very, very strongly implies that he murdered his sisters and family.
  • Brutally tortures Lincoln before having him crucified and leaving his body to rot.
  • Later tells Lucy exactly what he did to her brother and then soon after would torture her as well by cutting out one of her eyes.
  • When he finds out several of his prisoners mostly the Morticians Guard tried to escape so he just decides to mass kill them all believing that he hasn't given them enough punishment.
  • His death of being devoured by bats is very brutal but it is completely justified due to how awful he is.
  • He initially presents himself as having good intentions but it's eventually revealed that he is only doing this for power and attention rendering this completely not disqualifying.
  • While he claims he had spoiled sisters and felt overshadowed as a result, this does not come close to justifying his actions and Lincoln outright calls him out on it.
  • While he isn't as heinous as Lord Virbus or even David he also has far less resources than both of them and his crimes of brutal torture are easily distinct enough along with him being very personal to Lincoln and Lucy.
  • While the fic is a much darker version of The Loud House a normally very kid-friendly series it does have an actual plot that prevents it from being pure shock value.


  • He is one of the two It's A Kid's World Pure Evils along with Lord Virbus


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