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Cheshire Cat is the main antagonist of the RPG Horror Maker game Alice Mare. While he initially presented himself as the mischievous trickster of a guide of the Dream World where Allen Llewellyn, the main protagonist, had been sent to, Cheshire Cat soon revealed himself to actually be a demon with depraved intentions as he was also the one responsible for trapping Allen and his friends in the facility made for children with problems in order to devour their souls.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • He started hunting people to eat their souls as an alternative to simply hunting animals such as frogs or dogs prior to the events of the game due to him deciding that they were the only things that could satisfy his hunger.
  • His preference when it comes to eating the souls of others are children, given their innocence and gullible prey.
  • While initially appearing as a guide through the Dream World as a guide for Allen and the other kids, it was soon revealed that he was actually the one responsible for them being imprisoned in said world in the first place.
  • He and his demons created and released the Nightmare Syndrome, a disease that causes the victim's consciousness to become trapped in a dream they're incapable of waking up from. The disease turned into a plague that killed almost the entirety of a nearby town with the sole survivor, Stella Northrop, becoming traumatized and suicidal due to the trauma she had endured during the plague.
  • He trapped all of the people in the facility in a dream that forced them to experience their worst nightmares. For example, Letty and Rick had nightmares about their abusive mother and Chelsy saw a man who tricked her so that he could brutally murder her grandmother while also stealing all of the medicines before being killed by her father.
  • While he initially appears to be honorable by keeping his promise after Allen answered correctly to his riddle that he gave in Chelsy's dream, therefore allowing him to pass the river, he eventually destroys this redeeming quality when he makes a pact with Allen and fuses with him while using his body so that he could kill all of the children in the facility while Allen himself succumbed to despair.

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