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I thought Dr. Gero only meant for me to defeat the Earth, but I know now I was designed for much more. Once I'm finished tearing this world into pieces, I'll just use Goku's Instant Transmission technique to move onto other planets. That is my destiny. I am the universe's end!
~ Cell deciding to wipe out all life in the universe.
Now, my dearest children. Those 7 on the cliff are your enemies. Give them pain. Kill them if it makes you happy.
~ Cell ordering the Cell Juniors to torture the Z-Fighters.

Cell is the secondary antagonist of the Dragon Ball franchise.

He is a biomechanical android created by Dr. Gero who has the genetic material of Frieza, King Cold, Goku, Vegeta, and Piccolo. Despite the examples of Cell inheriting genes that were not all that bad, he decided to embrace his more egotistical power-hungry bloodline, seeking out ways to become perfect through defeating anyone who rivals him, even if that means committing omnicide.

He is one of Goku and Vegeta's most dangerous enemies and the archenemy of Gohan, Piccolo, Future Trunks and Android 16.

He is voiced by Norio Wakamoto in Japanese, and Dameon Clarke in English.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?


  • Even though he was created by Dr. Gero to be evil, he still displays moral agency and knows what he's doing as his goals go beyond what he was initially created for, not only intending to kill Goku, but the entire universe as well.
  • Killed Future Trunks from an alternate timeline and used his time machine to get to the present timeline.

Imperfect Cell Saga

  • Absorbed over 600,000 people into his body for the sake of his own strength, including people in both the alternate and present timelines.
    • What's worse is he delusionally rationalized this by saying that they should have considered it an honor, due to having "become one with perfection".
  • Attempted to kill Krillin and Piccolo prior to reaching his Semi-Perfect Form. He didn't kill Krillin because his allies were nearby, and he spared Piccolo by accident as he genuinely thought he had killed Piccolo until Goku found out otherwise.
  • Beat up and then absorbed Android 17 to achieve his Semi-Perfect Form.
  • Critically damaged Android 16 shortly after reaching his Semi-Perfect Form, even though 16 was unable to harm Cell in this form.
  • Tried to use Android 17's voice to trick Android 18 into letting him absorb her.
  • Attempted to kill Tien even though he was unconscious, largely out of anger for buying enough time for Android 18 to escape from him until he meets Goku when he escaped with both Tien and Piccolo.
  • Bombed multiple islands to flush Android 18 out of hiding.
  • Convinced Vegeta, who became a Super Saiyan, to let him achieve his Perfect form so he could give him a real fight.

Perfect Cell Saga

  • Absorbed Android 18 to achieve his Perfect Form.
    • He then kicked Krillin aside when he tried attacking him in rage for absorbing Android 18.
  • Nearly killed Vegeta and Future Trunks after achieving his Perfect Form.
  • He initially planned on killing Future Trunks, but later decided to create a tournament know as the Cell Games, which Cell sadistically said that the main goal of the tournament was to spread terror thought the world and see the look of fear on people's face's, leaving Future Trunks completely horrified.
  • Upon arriving in a television station to make the announcement of his tournament, he interrupts a live news broadcast and kills a reporter.
  • He said that after the Cell Games, he would kill off everyone on Earth for his own pleasure.
  • After ending the broadcast of his tournament, he blasts a hole thought the wall of the television station, which destroyed half of the city, wreaking chaos in the entire world.
  • While he agreed with Goku to wait for the Cell Games without killing anyone, it was for pragmatic reasons.
  • Killed multiple army soldiers in the lead-up to prior to the Cell Games. Although they found and actively tried to kill him, they did not pose a true threat to him due to how strong he was, and they were retreating when he killed them.

Cell Games Saga

  • Although when Mr. Satan challenged him, Cell didn't end up killing him, but it was just because he didn’t want to waste any effort in doing so when he viewed Mr. Satan to be an idiot.
  • He spawned out the Cell Juniors and sent them to torture the Z-Fighters to death while he was fighting Gohan.
  • Sadistically beat up and tortured Gohan just to see the extent of his power.
  • Stole the Senzu Beans so Goku and his allies couldn't heal themselves.
  • Killed Android 16 while he was trying to encourage Gohan by stomping on his disembodied head, and mocked his death. This caused Gohan to become a Super Saiyan 2.
  • While he was shocked at first that Gohan killed the Cell Juniors, he quickly got over it and didn't care about his children's deaths.
    • Also, in Dragon Ball Xenoverse, if a Cell Junior is beaten up while having Cell as a ally during Parallel Quests, Cell would ruthless say "I have no use for failures", even thought Cell Junior would ask him for help.
  • Attempted to blow up Earth when he was outmatched by Gohan, leading to Goku sacrificing himself by teleporting him to King Kai's planet.
    • Despite having Goku's love for fighting, this reaction upon losing to Gohan shows that Cell lacks any honor, fighting for the thrill of it rather than seeing it as a sport.
    • This is also notably the the first time a villain actually manages to kill Goku (before revived by Old Kai).
  • Killed Future Trunks with a Death Beam before mocking his and Goku's deaths.
    • In Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, he then mocked Vegeta by saying "So much for the Prince of Saiyans", when the latter tried to avenge his future son's death by trying to destroy him.
  • Broke Gohan's left arm while trying to kill Vegeta.
  • He almost destroyed Earth and the entire Solar System with a Kamehameha Wave, and he would've gone through with it if Vegeta hadn't interfered.
  • He said that after he's done destroying Earth, he will move on to every other planet in the universe and do the same thing to them as well.
  • According to Grand Kai, Cell was sentenced to Hell by King Yemma, proving just how vile he is.


  • In the Imperfect Cell saga, he tried to absorb a woman and her younger brother Tommy, and would have done it if Krillin didn't save them in time.
  • He is responsible for the events of Dragon Ball Z: Bojack Unbound, since his murder of both Goku and King Kai managed to help Bojack escape from his imprisonment and the energy from the Cell Games were also used to help Bojack and his minions find Earth.
  • He tortured an ogre to find a way to escape from Hell, sadistically telling him he'll do the same to the rest of the ogres if he doesn't show him the way out and tried to kill him by throwing him on a pit of spikes. Once Goku arrives in Hell to protect the ogres, Cell tries to kill him again. According to Goku, even in death, Cell will never learn from his actions.
  • He allied with Frieza, Goku's arch-nemesis, and tried to kill Goku alongside him, not caring that Goku was a child back then.
    • Even though they seem to get along since they trained together and their shared hatred towards Goku, both he and Frieza actually hate each other, as shown in Dragon Ball GT and Dragon Ball Fighterz.
  • In Hell, he and the other villains are shown cheering for Kid Buu during his fight with Goku. He was also still upset at Goku for quitting their fight back when he was alive on Earth.

Dragon Ball Heroes (TV Series)

  • Despite being freed by Shroom, he doesn't show gratitude towards him for it.
  • While he does saves Goku, Vegeta, Cumber and Hearts from Goku Black (Super Dragon Ball Heroes) and teleports them to Earth, it is only so he can get out of Hell after he was free from his prison, thanks to the former Demon God Shroom.
    • He even makes it clear (in his mind) that he will not simply return to Hell so easily after being there for so long, meaning that he has his own plans.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

  • His actions inspire the Red Ribbon Army to return in some sorts of ways.
    • Dr. Hedo, Carmine, Hachimaru, and Magenta renewed the Red Ribbon Army, although Dr. Hedo was forced to do so.
    • New androids were built, such as Gamma 1, Gamma 2 and Cell Max. They were the inspirations from Android 17, Android 18 and Cell himself.


  • Cell is the second person to succeed in killing Goku, and the first villain to ever kill him, as Piccolo was somewhat good when he killed Goku. Both times were also in part a self-sacrifice by Goku.
  • Something that may prevent him from being PE could be his deep respect for his creator Dr. Gero but just because he respected him doesn't necessarily mean that he cared about him. In Dragon Ball Fighterz, Cell said that he doesn't share Android 17 and 18's hatred over the doctor. However, he doesn't really care or have any gratitude for him, in fact, he even called him weak.

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