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Cecil Creepler, commonly referred to as Mr. Creepler, is a minor antagonist of the 2005 Adult Swim claymation series known as Moral Orel.

He is the local ice cream man of Moralton. However, Creepler was eventually revealed to be a depraved and psychopathic serial rapist whose primary targets were dark-haired women.

He was voiced by the series' creator Dino Stamatopoulos.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • He stalked Doughy, trying to molest him in his van after pretending to be his friend.
  • In "Abstinence" he is seen menacing Miss Sculptham with a knife, implying that he gets aroused when other people are in the pain.
    • In that same episode, when Doughy offers him help to sell ice cream, he screams at him to leave with more anger than was truly necessary.
  • In his final episode, it's revealed that he raped seven dark-haired women. He also raped and impregnated Miss Sculptham after she dyed her hair black, thus giving her Stockholm Syndrome after she uses a coat hanger to give herself an abortion.
  • Unlike most Adult Swim villains in general, Creepler lacks any redeeming qualities and is taken completely seriously.


  • It's believed that Cecil Creepler was the main reason why Moral Orel got cancelled, due to how dark he was making the show too depressing.

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