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My name is not BUDDY! And it's not "Incredi-Boy", either! That ship has sailed. All I wanted was to help you. I only wanted to help! And what did you say to me? "Fly home, Buddy. I work alone." It tore me apart, but I learned an important lesson: you can't count on anyone, especially your heroes!
~ Syndrome revealing how far he has fallen after his idol Mr. Incredible rejected him.
It felt so good... The day I lost my little friend. Ahh, how pleasant it was the sorrow I felt when I lost my mother. It was so delicious. That joy... And when that day had arrived... The day that humans showed their fangs to us and put my race to the sword... Ahh, I understand. It can be done this way as well. Bringing sorrow, despair and sadness to other people. Unforgivable. Absolutely unforgivable. Humans. You all started this. So I'm not one to blame. Daring to destroy our village, killing our friends so cruelly. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to retaliate. Thank you for giving me a reason for slaughtering you. I want revenge. Thank you for giving me a motive for revenge. I will change this world. T͏h̢aǹk̀ ͠yo͞u for ̸makìng me ͠a ̶v͢i͟ct̸i̶m͡.
~ Westcott thanking humans for giving him a reason for revenge.

Though Pure Evils always lack redeeming qualities, and nothing can justify what they did, they may not have chosen to start out this way. Some may have possessed benevolent or positive traits in the past, or even used to be heroes. However, it is understandable how they may have been corrupted into Pure Evils by the unfortunate circumstances that were inflicted upon them. As a result, these villains will always shed their redeeming traits as time goes on, and ultimately be devoid of them. Hence, these types of Pure Evils can be described as Wholly Debased or Wholly Dehumanized, as they have changed for the worse and chosen a path bereft of any good. They may not have started out as villains, but they certainly have become worse than that.

For obvious reasons, Fallen Heroes must be under this category by default.

Examples of Wholly Debased villains are:

  • Lotso, whom Chuckles says was a good friend before getting replaced by Daisy.
  • Alan Yates, who seemed to genuinely love Faye Daniels until Mark Tomaso convinced him to let her die.
  • Ego, who seemed to really like Peter and his mother before turning on them for his own ends.
  • Kilgrave, who sincerely apologized for hurting his mother before she stabbed him with scissors.
  • Saruman, who was one of the guardians of Middle-earth and the leader of the Wizards, but got corrupted after seeing Sauron's power and betrayed them to be on the winning side.
  • Mysterio, who was fond of Peter until the kid found out his secret.
  • King Boo, who initially cared for his fellow ghosts until Luigi beat him in the first game.
  • Syndrome, who was once Mr. Incredible's biggest fan until his rejection drove him mad.
  • Shiranami, who was close to his brother and mother until the mother died after a battle of depression and he was unable to accept it.
  • Dio Brando, who the latter had a sympathetic past where he was abused by his father Dario, and his mother passed way, he took his rage out of Dario, he would blow his second chance when he was in the Joestars, throwing all of his redeeming qualities out the window.
  • Johan Liebert, who was debatably close to his mother and was along with his sister, until he was brought to the orphanage and was experimented on, shedding all of his redeeming qualities where he would soon become a heartless, misanthropic nihilistic serial killer.
  • The future and alternate-present version of Zamasu (Future Zamasu and Goku Black), who used to be the Gods of Creation-in-training, but got corrupted after seeing mortals in action with envy and committing genocide on mortals and the gods alike.

Please do not add Pure Evils here who have only faked their own tragedies and/or redeeming qualities (e.g. Sebastian Shaw, Emperor Palpatine, Judge Claude Frollo, Dr. Facilier, Dimentio, General Lunaris, Mephiles the Dark, Rip Blazkowicz, Dick Hardly, Micah Bell, Chucky and the Beldam). Those villains should go under Charismatic, Fake Tragic, Faux Affably Evil, Remorse Fakers, False Lovers and/or Liars. This category is only for villains who once had genuine sympathetic pasts and/or redeeming qualities but ended up subverting/losing them.

Their Pure Good equivalent is Wholly Reformed.

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