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I offer.
~ Griffith as he betrays the Band of the Hawk to the Apostles, becoming Femto, the fifth and final member of the God Hand, in the process.
~ Lots-o'-Huggin' Bear leaving Andy's toys to die in the incinerator.

A Pure Evil Traitor is a villain who betrays his or her allies for personal gain. Treachery is often considered one of the most evil of traits in a villain due to the fact that a traitor is hard to trust; after all, any character who is ruthless enough to betray friends and allies is more than ruthless enough to be a threat to anyone else.

Traitors are similar to Usurpers, but do not always seek a position of power. Also, traitors can sometimes betray and kill other villains if it suits their purposes or are simply in the mood to do so. While traitors are meant to be the opposite of a betrayed villain, it is possible for a traitor be betrayed by others.

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