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Faster than a bastard maniac! More powerful than a loco-madman! It's Super-Freddy!
~ Freddy Krueger turning into a supervillain in Mark Gray's dream.

A supervillain is a character designed to counter a superhero, while strictly speaking this means having abilities well beyond normal humans in the modern age the term has also merged with costumed criminal - these characters oppose the ways of costumed heroes (be they super-powered or otherwise) and often super-villains have a massive list of serious crimes, making those who don the guise of a super-villain rather high in terms of heinousness they must achieve to truly stand out amidst what are basically an entire subculture of colorful terrorists.

Pure Evil supervillains definitely manage to stand out and are often considered evil and insane even by other costumed villains, to costumed heroes (even the strongest, such as Superman) these are the ultimate nightmare, especially when they become recurring threats (though a few are so destructive and evil they remain a singular threat; though in comic books death is notorious for not always being permanent, meaning many of these vile monsters evade death time and time again, continually rising to bring terror to any they come across).

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