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You've read Darwin. It's called natural selection. We're just helping it along.
~ Commander Rourke explaining his search for the Heart of Atlantis and how it'll affect the Atlanteans.
In life, you've got to make hard decisions. And sometimes, you've got to punish the animals out there. It's kill or be killed; the old and the weak are doomed. All manners of scum and sickly minds and dirty bodies and cockroaches, doing everything in their power to rob the white man of what he's earned. It's on us to straighten out the queer.
~ Rip Blazkowicz's twisted philosophy.

Social Darwinists are villains championing the mottos "survival of the fittest", "being weak is sin" and "might is right". They differ slightly from Supremacists as they do not always value races and/or nations but individual strengths seeking to create societies or worlds in which only the most ruthless individuals exist to raise later generations.

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