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"Sin"? There is no sin! A man does how he pleases with his property.
~ Edwin Epps on how he views his slaves.
I'm Slagar the Cruel, and you are my slaves. Understand this: If I say walk, you walk. If I say run, you run. If I decide that you may live, then you may live. If I take it into my head that you may not live, then you will die. Now, move!
~ Slagar's threatening speech for his young slaves.

Slavers are Pure Evils who treat individuals like property and force them into unfair and possibly brutal labor, whether by driving them into slavery by force or buying/selling them on the black market. Due to how horrible slavery is in real life, and the nature of slavery violating every aspect of human rights, many of these villains are especially depraved and detestable.

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