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Odin and I drowned entire civilizations in blood and tears. Where do you think all this gold came from? And then, one day, he decided to become a benevolent king. To foster peace, to protect life... to have you.
~ Hela showing her resentment towards her brother Thor.

Pure Evil villains who are brothers or sisters. This includes villains who are adoptive siblings. The scary fact about this category is how while siblings may have similarities and differences for each other, these kinds of siblings have no genuine respect for them as close family members, as they can be a near constant serious criminal trouble maker for them and may even become their archenemy. There can even be cases where the villain kills the sibling (e.g. Scar killing his brother Mufasa.).

Siblings who are Pure Evil can claim that they care for their brothers and sisters or try to demonstrate it, but if they do so, it's either to not raise suspicions of their true natures or because their siblings can be useful tools to their plans, especially when Faux Affably Evil is brought under the example.

It's possible for some Pure Evil siblings to actually get along with their brothers and sisters, but if this case happens, then it's because their siblings share their interest in committing wrongdoings and are villains themselves, even Pure Evils sometimes. They can even work together (e.g. Zed and Maynard, Hugo Martinez and Victor Martinez, etc.) just like they can be against each other (e.g. Kevin Khatchadourian and his sister Celia, Captain Phasma and her brother Keldo, Claire Wyden and her brother Brett, etc.).

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