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It broke my heart to put that tumor in her head...
~ Ego feigning his regret as he reveals to his son Peter Quill that he killed his mother.
Majesty, I hope you bear me no ill will.
~ Ilosovic Stayne asking to be pardoned for his crimes to the White Queen because he was just "following orders".

Pure Evil villains who, before their defeats or deaths, express apparent remorse for their actions, plead for mercy or claim redemption. However, given the irredeemably nature of these kind of villains, their remorse or redemption isn't genuine at all and they just insist that it's real to trick the heroes or escape punishment for their crimes. Often, these Remorse Fakers are psychopaths or have similar tendencies to psychopaths, pretending to be remorseful or redeemed just to take advantage of their victims (e.g. The Joker telling his doctor that he regrets his crimes only to then kill him and many more people, Scar pleading Simba for mercy only to then turn back and temporarily blind Simba to attack him, or Ego assuring his son Peter Quill that he regrets having killed his mother but dismissing his act of killing her and the rest of his children). Some are even cowards who feign remorse as a contemptible last-ditch attempt to save their own skins.

These kind of villains can also regret something evil they did, but instead of being remorseful the way most people would be, it's because they feel they could have made it much worse (e.g. when Darkseid killed Dan Turpin, he later felt that he should have killed many more humans had he known how much Superman would have felt affected by it; Thrax taking pride at murdering a little girl, but was upset that he killed her slower than he intended).

This can also apply to villains who may have once been good or neutral people and regretted something good they made on their lives either by feeling forced to do so or by their own accord (e.g. Judge Claude Frollo taking Quasimodo as his own son in a futile and self-serving attempt to redeem his soul, David Banner regretting once caring for his son Bruce and feeling repulsed for once caring for him or Nizam saving his brother from a lioness when they were young but later bitterly realizing that if his brother had died he would have become king instead).

It can also apply to villains who technically "reform", but only due to brainwashing or other magical events removing their original personality altogether as in the case of Suguru Kamoshida and Darkrai. Other examples include villains who become genuinely emotionally moved for whatever reason, but remain unrepentant of all their atrocities and uncaring towards others, such as Muzan Kibutsuji.

These villains are usually under Faux Affably Evil.

It is the complete opposite of redeemed and remorseful villains.

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