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You want to hear how I tied her to the bed. Not too tight, so I could watch her struggle. No? Not your thing, huh? Oh...what about if I made her go down on her knees, forced myself inside of her? Or...or you want to hear about the pyrotechnics? How I put out my cigarettes on her. How I branded her private parts with keys and hot hangers. Do you want to hear how she was alone with me all night? A 60-year-old woman. She did things that...she never expected to do, that she never imagined were possible. With her fingers. With her mouth. Or do you want to hear how, at the beginning, she said she would do anything? I mean, she begged me for her life. And by the morning time, she was begging me to take her out of her misery. Which one do you think I enjoyed more?
~ William Lewis boasting about how he tortured and raped Alice Parker.
Have you come to save me from that madman? Thirty years he's kept me here! Tortured me, had his way with me...
~ Starro proclaiming that The Thinker has raped its victims.

Rapists are Pure Evils who either rape, attempt to rape, order rapes or enable rape. It can be done either for sexual gratification (often accompanied with extreme torture, abnormal rituals and even murder) or as a form of dominance over another. Thus, it is not always the case that a rapist is a deviant; in fact, a significant number of them are not. Characters who habitually engage in this kind of behavior are usually shunned by all but the most extreme societies and may even be targeted by other villains due to these acts being deeply taboo even among criminals, especially if done against young children.

Given the abhorrent nature of these villains, rapists can easily overlap with Hate Sinks.

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