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For 27 years, I dreamt of you, I craved you, I've missed you.
~ It after he came back from his cooling-off period.
Yeah baby. I'm back...
~ Angelus to Drusilla after coming back from his first major cooling-off period.

Pure Evil villains who have significant periods in their character history where they are not a major threat to the heroes. These villains have "cool-off" moments where they are not an active threat to the heroes or anyone as they were when they were the main threat in their main story arc.

After their defeat where they have not died or have not been seen again, the villain appears where they are no longer an immediate threat to the heroes or anyone. These villains may only appear to speak or to do a task that another character tells them to do. As these villains are temporarily not a major threat, they appear to serve another role in the story.

Some cases include:

  1. The villain's superpowers were stripped and the villain can no longer be a major threat either permanently or only for a certain amount of time (e.g. Arba, Ozai, Maltruant, Aya Tokoyogi, and Morgoth).
  2. The villain has become subservient to another character or other forces for whatever reason (e.g. lost their legal authority, or were cursed) after their defeat (e.g. Hugo Strange, Red Skull and Destro).
  3. The villain is imprisoned and trying to break free (e.g. Retak'ka, the Scarlet King, Michael, Cosmos, Dark Zagi, Zhan Tiri, Ultraman Belial, Monsieur Thenardier, Invictus, Lucifer from Saint Seiya, Morgoth, Scarlet Spiker and Dream).
  4. The villain temporarily allies with the heroes to fight against a threat bigger than them or assisting them in something important for reluctant or pragmatic reasons, they can also help the public or neutral characters on something (like rebuilding a town, etc.) (e.g. Frieza, Evolt, XANA, Andross, Light Yagami, Volo, Shang Tsung, Slade, Lev Kravchenko, God, Koba, Tetta Kisaki, Doctor Doom, Utrom Shredder, SpongeBob SquarePants, Ridley, Babidi, Dark Samus, The Master and Dream again).
  5. The villain spends a significant amount of time being imprisoned or taken as a hostage on-screen (e.g. Caesar Clown, Takeshi Asakura, Muscular, Celebro, John Doe, William Wharton and Dr. Henry Miller).
  6. The story moves onto other villains/arcs or takes a break from the drama and the villain is no longer the main or immediate focus to the heroes (e.g. Akainu, Micah Bell, Cooler, Yami Bakura, Lucifer, Valentino, Donald Love, the Coachman, Eddie Kim, THOUGHT and Dream yet again).
  7. The villain is left alive or active after suffering a major defeat that either left them in a permanently different condition or handicap. The villain then works for another character (e.g. Dark Lugiel, Chucky, Ridley, Dio Brando, Vilgax, Cipher and the Lord Commander).
  8. The villain is exposed to toxins or forces that brought out lighter qualities or something even better for a short amount of time. The villains under these instances were either possessed, purification, or brainwashing from an external source (e.g. Carnage, who temporarily had his best qualities brought out by a spell from Doctor Doom and Scarlet Witch).
  9. The villain's true colors are exposed to the public, and thus he/she is no longer a threat anymore or is currently hiding or on the run (e.g. Andy Evans, Johan Liebert and Lotso).
  10. The villain spends a significant chunk of the story hiding from the heroes instead of going into action (e.g. Vladimir Makarov, Father, David Griffin, Ernst Stavro Blofeld, Yami Marik, Bill Cipher).
  11. The villain, for whatever reason, can only attack and commit evil at certain times and spends the rest of the time doing nothing (e.g. It who only attacks the town of Derry every 27 years, Horde Prime who only conquered Etheria after it transported to Despondos, Michael Myers who only kills on Halloween, The Creeper who feeds for 23 days after hibernating for 23 years, SCP-4666 who only kills families/leaves toys in homes at the end of a Weissnacht Event and RAT who primarily attacks during the night).

It is important to note that these villains do not have any redeeming qualities and have not expressed any remorse for their past actions. These villains are only serving others for their own self-interests. They may still antagonize the heroes or commit crimes during the time where they are not the main threat. The moments for these villains may go on for a single story arc to multiple story arcs. In some cases, the story could end with them not coming back up to be the main threat to the heroes (e.g. Arba). However, these moments are usually temporary until the villain returns to being a major threat to the heroes.

Some of these villains can qualify as Karma Houdinis especially if they got off scot-free during their "cooling-off" period (e.g. Evolt, Caesar Clown, and Frieza).

This category only applies to Pure Evil villains who are not a major threat for a significant amount of time in the story.

One-Shot villains may not fall under this category as this is for villains who appeared across multiple episodes or chapters throughout a show, story or any other media.

Revived villains would not qualify for having a cooling-off period. Since these villains were dead, they were not active to do anything to show that they were not a major threat for a period of time (such as allying with the heroes, being imprisoned on-screen, being subservient to other characters, etc). Only exceptions to revived villains qualifying would be if they displayed any of the aforementioned moments in the list above, before or after their death(s), if they were reanimated as an undead being to have one of their aforementioned moments before their revival, or if the villain is shown on-screen and active in an afterlife setting displaying any of the aforementioned moments before their revival (e.g. Frieza).

This is the opposite to Pure Goods with Heating-up Periods.

They are considered the darker counterpart to On & Off villains who cannot qualify as Pure Evil due to their anti-villainous attributes. However, the thing that gets these ones here is how they are more than willing to pick the side of evil and have a moral agency and have no redeeming qualities and if they have had any back then they likely have shedded their redeeming qualities away and corrupted themselves like Fallen Heroes or Wholly Debased.

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