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Ah, you'll get over it. I seem to recall you prefer to "Work alone."
~ Syndrome mocking Mr. Incredible after presumably killing his family.
I told you family was a weakness, you feel the anger don't you Flash? But now the two of us are the same.
~ Zoom to Barry Allen after murdering his father.
Tommy, you wanna be a hero, right? You wanna be a hero. You wanna be the hero of the server. And every hero needs an origin story. Right? I mean, Batman had his parents, Spider-Man had Uncle Ben... You can have Tubbo.
~ Dream revealing his plan to kill Tubbo to further scar Tommy.

A Provoker is a Pure Evil villain who has wronged the hero so badly that it makes a more personal rivalry between them. The hero will often act on rage to stop this villain and not just for defensive purposes. In the worst cases, a Pure Evil's actions could be so heinous that it would result in the hero turning into a villain themselves.

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