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Judith Butler: God help me, it's true. I did love him once and then... I became afraid, of his nature, even his passion of creation and beauty. It's all madness to me. I never told him about Miranda.
Michael Garfield: You think I could've not guess, Judith? Hmm? My beautiful child.
~ Judith Butler revealing Michael Garfield being her former lover and the real father of Miranda Butler.

Pure Evil Villains who are Parents. Adoptive parents, foster parents, step-parents and legal guardians can qualify as well. While Parents are known for protecting their children, these kinds of Parents are a polar opposite of what they originally are. In fact, they express no care for their young, and are known to destroy their innocence (via torture, physically or mentally), enslaving them, or even outright murdering them in cold-blood.

Parents who are Pure Evil can claim that they care for their children or try to demonstrate it, but if they do so, it's either to not raise suspicions of their true natures or because their children can be useful tools to their plans, especially when Faux Affably Evil is brought under the example.

It's possible for some Pure Evil parents to actually get along with their children, but if this case happens, then it's because their children share their interest in committing wrongdoings and are villains themselves, even Pure Evils sometimes or they only view their children as extensions of themselves. An example of this would be Manfred Von Karma who was a distant yet providing father to Franziska Von Karma, though this was only because he saw her as an example of his perfect teaching rather than out of any genuine love for her.

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