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Gentlemen, all I ask for is war. War so grand as to make Hell itself tremble. Gentlemen, I ask you as fellow brothers in arms what is it that you really want? Do you wish for further war as I do? Do you wish for a merciless, bloody war? A war whose fury is built with iron and lightning and fire? Do you ask for war to sweep in like a tempest leaving not even ravens to scavenge from this Earth!?
~ The Major's speech on his obsession with war (Example of warmongering).
WHISK! Prepare to kill some brats! [Whisk makes scared gasps] Get up and fight, coward! Otherwise, once I’m done with these two, I will have your mother pay your debt for you!
~ Sir Benedict Cumbersnatch threatening to murder Whisk if the latter doesn’t defeat Meggy and Auri. (Example of fearmongering)
Use your aggressive feelings, boy! Let the hate flow through you!
~ Emperor Palpatine attempting to corrupt Luke Skywalker (Example of hatemongering).

Mongers are villains who promote specific activities, beliefs and/or feelings that can be undesirable, infelicitous and discreditable to the public mass.

This usually includes Warmongers, Fearmongers and Hatemongers.

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