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I'm not surprised at Yennefer... She is a woman and thus an evolutionary inferior creature, governed by hormonal chaos. But you, Geralt, are not only a man who is sensible by nature, but also a mutant, invulnerable to emotions.
~ Vilgefortz, to Geralt explaining why he thinks women are inferior and why men are the dominant ones.
Want to know something, Juanito? These girls mean nothing to me or my customers. In my world, they're nothing. They're not people. They're just things. They have no worth to men like us. So I would have not paid attention to this. To her.
~ Hugo Martinez.

Misogynists are villains who have a strong chauvinistic view of the world against women or have a deep-seated hatred against women. They consider women to inferior, objects to be possessed, or even evil. Some serial killer villains are also misogynists. Vilgefortz, Hugo Martinez, Adam Taurus, Uncle Charlie, Andy Evans, Josh, Judge Claude Frollo, Art the Clown and Brian Irons are prime examples. Although, in very rare cases, they can also be women, such as Stitch Sisters and Aunt Ruth Chandler.

They are the evil opposite of Feminists which are Pure Good heroes who supports women's rights and/or have compassion and respect for them.

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