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Morse: Then why didn't he kill me?
Dr. Cronyn: Because it suits him... to have you alive.
~ Dr. Cronyn making his assumption of why the Opera Phantom had spared Morse; to use Morse when the latter was still alive.
So lonely. So scared. So excited. For so LONG. Got the little people. Got your silly suit. Got my CAMERA. Then I got my pictures. But it's SCARY. So big. So SCARY. Keep my pictures. Keep them. Then we hear about HIM. Send him pictures He knows what to do. HEEEENNNNHH.
~ Black Noir on how he took pictures of all of his atrocities committed whilst dressing as Homelander, and how he sent the pictures to the real Homelander in order to drive him insane.

Master Manipulators are among the most dangerous Pure Evils. They are highly intelligent villains who excel at manipulating both individuals and groups to achieve their goals. Pure Evil villains that are Master Manipulators are remorseless manipulators of others, willing to use and discard their pawns at any point should it suit their goals, and are capable of dissolving enemy organizations and even destroying entire societies from within before people catch on to who they really are.

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