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How about a magic trick? I'm going to make this pencil disappear... TA-DAH! It's... it's gone.
~ The Joker as he kills a gangster with a pencil.
Next stop: Azure City! (If anyone has to pee before we get started, now's the time.)
~ Xykon to his underlings as they head towards Azure City.

Pure Evil villains that are funny to the audience in some way, but their actions are still taken seriously in-universe despite that, as their humor is often sadistic and only serves to make them even edgier, darker and more evil.

Most versions of The Joker, Dimentio, Bill Cipher, Lucifer, Frieza, Dio Brando, Freddy Krueger, Chucky, Kefka Palazzo, Syndrome, and Hades are prime examples of what Laughably Evil Pure Evils are.

Laughably Evil villains almost never qualify as Hate Sinks given that Hate Sinks are completely devoid of entertaining villainy qualities, though there are certain occasions where a villain can fall under both, such as:

  1. Villains who are designed to be despised, yet frequently come across as genuinely funny (e.g. Ramsay Bolton, Cioccolata, Michael, Dream and Penguin).
  2. Villains who guise their true loathsome colors under a comical persona (e.g. William Wharton, Micah Bell, It, Lavrentiy Beria and Felix).
  3. Villains who initially start off as laughable but slowly become darker as the story goes on (e.g. Scar, Kurt Kunkle, Warren Mears, Mahito, Simon and Steele).
  4. Dissociative villains who have a personality with comedic traits, and a personality with more detestable traits.
  5. Ensemble villains who are laughable in one role and more contemptible in another (e.g. Mephisto, Joker (DCAU) and Rastapopoulos).

Please note that just because a loathsome villain is presented comedically on one small occasion, does not mean they are Laughably Evil (e.g. Dag, Ozai, Jang Deok-su, Porky Minch, General Lunaris, and Peter Pettigrew). Likewise, just because a comical villain briefly loses their comedic traits, does not mean they are a Hate Sink (e.g. Freddy Krueger, Frieza, Bill Cipher, Chucky, Emperor Palpatine and King Boo). Hate Sink and Laughably Evil crossovers must have a significant amount of both hateable and humorous traits.

Also, just like with Hate Sinks, it's not necessary for every Pure Evil villain to be Laughably Evil as there are many that can fall somewhere in between (e.g. Sauron, Johan Liebert , Anton Chigurh, Judge Doom, Victor Krane, Michael Myers, Mephiles the Dark and Cell) where fans/audience can have their own opinions.

They are the more evil counterpart of Comic Reliefs, the opposite of Game Changers, and the complete opposite of Seriously Good.

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