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So, like I said from the start I was beaten, outsmarted, poisoned, by a detective John Hobbes...Can you imagine what it feels like to be alive? thousands of years, and realize you're actually going to die because of some self-righteous cop decided he was going to save the f-cking world.. Yes a demon can die, and Hobbes figured out how to beat me at my game, so what, the war isn't over I promise you, not by a long shot... Oh you forgot something, at the beginning I was going to tell you the time I almost died, see you around.
~ Azazel on his victory over John Hobbes.

Karma Houdinis are villains who have gotten away with their crimes, either by outright winning or escaping before they can be punished. This is uncommon for Pure Evil villains due to the severity of their crimes, though it still sometimes occurs.

This category also includes villains who were defeated and imprisoned in the past (e.g. Taurus Bulba and Caesar Clown), or killed (e.g. Frieza and Chucky) but they somehow managed to get back and continue their bad ways.

When a Pure Evil villain who is a Karma Houdini is also considered a Hate Sink, then his/her status as a Karma Houdini will make the villain much more hated, as Pure Evil Hate Sinks are wished the worst by most of the audience/fans.

Deceased and Presumed Deceased villains usually do not count as Karma Houdinis; the only way for a dead or presumed dead character to count is if the death/presumed death is of natural causes (e.g. Noah Cross, Mr. Grasping, Toplofty and O'Bloat, Donald Love and Warren T. Rat), or if there is a higher chance that they survived and escaped rather than died (e.g. Rasmin Yelkov). In addition, villains who are truly Imprisoned with no way to escape should not count either.

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