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No maniacal laughter! We are not common villains!
~ Bradford Buzzard trying to stop his agents from acting stereotypically evil, even though he ultimately proves to be far worse than any of them.
See, I know what it is to live in fear! To see my village burnt, my family taken. But even as a boy, left with nothing, I vowed to rise above the fear of dragons, and liberate the people of this world. (Hiccup: Then why a dragon army?) Well, you need dragons to conquer other dragons. (Hiccup: Or maybe you need dragons to conquer people. To control those who follow you... and to get rid of those who won’t.) Clever boy.
~ Drago Bludvist telling Hiccup about his tragic background to which Hiccup calls out his hypocrisy on how he is using the very thing responsible for his parents deaths to take over the world, to which Drago basically admits Hiccup is right.

Hypocrites are Pure Evils who set standards for others to follow, punishing those who don't, but then violate those same standards themselves.

Judge Claude Frollo is a textbook example, since he hates religious corruption, but commits multiple sins and represents the very thing he claims to hate. Same with Scar begging Simba to spare him because they were in the same family, completely ignoring the fact he killed his own brother in cold-blood, or Bradford Buzzard, who will chew out his minions or everyone else for doing evil crimes that even he does, or Lots-o'-Huggin' Bear, who has the toys in Sunnyside Daycare brutally tortured daily by small children to make them learn that their purpose is to be thrown away, yet values his own life and begs for mercy when he is about to be shredded and tries escaping the dump himself, or Vice-Counsel DuPont, who executed millions of Sense Offenders but happens to be a Sense Offender himself and even expected Preston to spare his life for this reason, or Bellroc and Skrael, who want to wipe out the universe due to the corruption of mankind, ignoring all the other creatures that they will be killing, and their own corruption, as well as Bellroc attacking a troll, despite claiming to protect magickind.

Hypocrites can also originally be villains who had tragedies that used to be real, till they became total hypocrites due to being too ruthless to be excused as their actions completely go against their tragedy. Drago Bludvist is a good example since his family was killed by dragons, yet enslaves dragons, the very beings responsible for their deaths, to his will to oppress people and take over the world and to give the same fate his village had to so many villages who didn't accept his control. Another good example is SMG0, as it’s implied his entire home universe was destroyed, however, afterwards he would begin destroying countless other universes, putting countless others into the same fate his universe suffered. Also, every delusional villain by default counts as a hypocrite, because they believe they are doing good despite their actions and endgame proving otherwise.

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