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Hahaha! No, no. This is the real me. All that was an act! ♪ You fool you, to fool everyone. ♪ Ahaha. Funny. No one noticed. Not that i wanted them to, but...Oh well, it's so easy to deceive that princess... ♪
~ Sal revealing his true nature.
Wallace: Wait a minute. You... don't think... Piella... could be...
Piella: The serial killer? Well done Wallace. Sharp as a brick. Now do exactly as I say, or Fluffles gets snuffled!
~ Piella Bakewell revealing her true nature.
Hello, Sidney. Surprised?
~ Jill Roberts after removing her Ghostface mask.

Characters who initially seem to be good or neutral, but later reveal themselves as Pure Evil villains as a surprise to the audience, be it a case of Evil All Along (i.e. Lots-o'-Huggin' Bear, Bluebeard, Sir Miles Axlerod, Jill Roberts, the Beldam, Mysterio, General Lunaris and SpongeBob SquarePants) or someone introduced as a genuinely good or neutral character turning to the dark side (i.e. Syndrome, Light Yagami, Saruman, Koba, Akainu and the Dark Lord).

This is an evil counterpart of Hidden Pure Good heroes.

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