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My father! Your own brother! How could you?!
~ Simba calling out Scar for killing Mufasa.
Go: I will defeat you, that is my duty as your son.
Banno: Your duty as my son? What do you mean by that?
Go: Don't you understand? It's because you are a traitor! Me and my sister, you betrayed our family's love!
Banno: Family's love? There's no such thing. To me, a family is nothing but something to be ruled. There is no such thing as love.
Go: Wait, then just what am I? What am I to you!
Banno: Heh, isn't it obvious? You're a lab rat. You've been so much more useful than your sister. Even more than I expected... Is that all you've got. So frail! I take back what I said. Your time as a lab rat is over.
~ Tenjuro Banno telling his his son, Go Shijima that he never cared about their family.

Pure Evils who are willing to hurt or kill their own family member/s (be them parents, siblings, spouses, step family members, in-laws, clones, as well as adopted family members, etc.). They are often considered among the cruelest of all Pure Evils given that even their own family members are expendable to them.

Examples of family cruelty are shown below:

  • Familicide: Villains who murder members of his/her family, e.g. commit matricide, patricide, filicide, mariticide, uxoricide, and so forth. Examples of characters who commit familicide include: Johan Liebert (who has all of his foster parents disposed of), Dio Brando (who kills his fathers), Jill Roberts (who kills her mom), Cesare Borgia (who murdered his brother Giovanni), Henry Evans (who drowned his baby brother over a rubber duck), Scar (who infamously kills his brother), Ego (who killed most of his children), Darkseid (who has murdered his mother, son, brother and father), Janos (who kills his father and one of his daughters, Ananzi) Killbus (who tried to kills his brother), Esther Coleman (who kills all of her adoptive family members), Michael Myers (who killed his sister), Chara (who killed her adoptive mother), William Afton (who is indirectly responsible for the deaths of his children), Black Mask (who burned his parents to death), Rip Blazkowicz (who sent his wife to a Nazi death camp), Charles Eborock (who killed his sister after he decided she was no longer useful to him), Ramsay Bolton (who kills his father, stepmother and newborn brother in the TV show), Mo Tae Gu (who brutally murdered his brother-figure/adoptive brother Nam Sang-tae) and Graydon Creed (who tries to kill his own mother and two siblings).
  • Abuse: Villains who, through one means or another, are callous towards his/her family. Examples of abusive characters include: Rip Blazkowicz (who physically and emotionally abused his wife and son when the latter was young), Johan Liebert (who attempts to corrupt, gaslights, and psychologically torments his sister nearly to the point of suicide), Isaiah Johnson (who repeatedly rapes his father for years), Ultron (who is known to attempt to kill his robotic "children" if they turn against him), Ragyo Kiryuin (who sexually abuses her daughter Satsuki), Horde Prime (who treated his clones like nothing but pawns, especially Hordak), Andrei Sator (who physically and psychologically abused his wife), Gregor Clegane (who burns off half of his brother's face simply for playing with one of his toys), King Runeard (who abused his wife and son for petty reasons), William Afton (who hits his daughter Elizabeth for trying to show him a drawing), Ozai (who, for petty reasons, physically scars his son Zuko by burning half of his face off before banishing him and molds his daughter Azula into nothing more than his personal weapon, as such being responsible for her antisocial behavior), Green Goblin (who broke his own son's leg to frame him for his crimes), Shou Tucker (who turned his wife and daughter into chimeras) and Ramsay Bolton (who rapes his wives).

This category also applies to PEs who are at least willing to hurt/kill their family member/s even if they haven't actually done so (e.g. Orson Krennic and Sal), as well as PEs who only abuse/kill ex-family members of theirs (e.g. Max Cady).

NOTE: It is not sufficient for a PE to simply disregard the death of a family member/s (e.g. Princess Shroob, Rose Armitage, Cahu, Lord Cutler Beckett, Zed and Zoom) or to dislike their family (e.g. Hans Gruber, Hugo Martinez, Mark Tomaso and Edwin Epps); they must be actively and severely cruel to said family member/s, be it through domestic abuse, psychological torment, rape, torture, murder, or the attempted act of any such crime.

This is the human counterpart of Animal Cruelty

They are the evil counterparts of Family Kindness.

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