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Lotso: She replaced us!
Woody: She replaced
you. And if you couldn't have her, then no one could!
[Woody pulls out Big Baby's locket that was left behind at Daisy's house]
Woody: You
lied to Big Baby, and you've been lying ever since!
[Both Lotso and Big Baby are surprised seeing the locket again after all this time]
Lotso: Where'd you get that?!?
Woody: She loved you, Lotso.
Woody: As much as any kid ever loved a toy!
~ Lots-o'-Huggin' Bear arguing with Woody about Daisy replacing him.
You blame bad parenting? My parents died. You don't see me raping anyone.
~ Jessica Jones to Kilgrave when the latter tries to use his backstory to justify his actions.

A fake tragic is a Pure Evil villain who either faked their own tragedy or actually presents a tragic past or an alleged Freudian Excuse, but cannot qualify as truly tragic due to their PE status. The reason why their tragic past doesn't prevent them from being Pure Evil is cause of how heinous they actually go in being shredded of having any sympathy for them as they go way above the accountability in of being evildoers.

In some instances, these Pure Evils may have been former heroes, given the circumstances of their tragedy leading to them becoming the complete opposite of admirable.

Villains in this category include:

Mere speculations/implications of a "tragic" past are not enough to qualify a character for this category; they must have an established backstory which must come from an official and trustworthy source.

It is the opposite of Tragic Pure Good heroes and of it's far less evil counterpart, Tragic villains.

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