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What are you hesitating for! I should've known you weren't ready yet! Franziska, you disappoint me as well, now get out of my sight, the both of you
~ Manfred Von Karma if Edgeworth gets too many penalties in the first part of Turnabout Reminiscence
You must pay the price for failure, Dr. Stockman.
~ Utrom Shredder telling Baxter Stockman he must pay the price for failing him.

Very little if any restraint on them showing mercy to any followers, minions or servants to their cause is given from these Pure Evils, some would give a minimal as to much mistakes should be under their reign and others who far much more strict by only one slip up being the incapacitating torture or death nail to the minion. These villains are usually in a higher chain of power given the upper advantage in making such harsh executions on the weaker who fail in accomplishing what they want.

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