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I prepared for muggers, killers, thieves. Criminals, increasingly extreme in their methods and personality. But I never imagined someone like the Joker. There is no information on him in any criminal database. As far as records go, it's as if he stepped out of thin air. He appears to be a highly resourceful psychopath with a sadistic intelligence, who delights in causing chaos, destruction and human suffering. Skilled with explosives and firearms. He displays personality traits consistent with criminal insanity, though his mental instability did not hinder his ability to infiltrate and take over Black Mask's criminal organization. His capacity for wanton destruction makes him a threat to the entire city. He must be stopped.
~ Batman from Batman: Arkham Origins

Pure Evil Villains who are enigmatic. They are shrouded in mystery when they first appear with many important aspects of their character not being known. Often times, a Pure Evil villain being mysterious at first causes the reveal of their crimes to be much more horrifying.

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