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Yami Marik: Get ready to the enter the darkness at the hands of Ra.
Yami Bakura: Don't you realize that I am the darkness?
Yami Marik: Hehehehe. What's that supposed to mean?
Yami Bakura: It's quite simple, it means I can't be destroyed. You haven't seen the last of me. Hehehahahaha!!
~ Yami Bakura telling Yami Marik that he is the darkness.

Dark Forms are villains who are made out of or are the embodiment of evil and/or darkness. They are somewhat uncommon as Pure Evil villains as in order to be Pure Evil a villain has to commit crimes out of his or her own volition instead of being "Made of Evil". However, there are plenty of Pure Evil Dark Forms who act of their own free will than some dark compulsion caused by the nature of their existence. They also must have a moral agency.

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