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Simba, Simba. Please. Please have mercy. I beg you.
~ Scar begging Simba for mercy.
Please Mr. Norris, don't let me fall. I'm just a...I'm just a kid!
~ Peter Stegman begging for Andy Norris' help.

Pure Evil Villains who often show cowardice. These types of villains often prefer to not confront their enemies by themselves, beg for mercy, only target those who are unable to fight back, and/or are prone to run away from a situation that they feel they are not in control of.

Examples of cowardice include:

NOTE: Not everyone who shows fear is automatically cowardly. In some cases (e.g. Hans Gruber, Judge Claude Frollo, William Wharton, Dr. Facilier, Bill Cipher, William Afton, Mephiles the Dark, Zlatko Andronikov, Captain Vidal, Ragnarok, Muzan Kibutsuji, Ego and Mysterio), they react reasonably to being faced with a genuine threat, and they may even have moments showing them to be brave otherwise.

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