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Grammy Finch claimed these dangerous excursions were "fun" and "educational". Well I did learn one thing: The world is full of chaos, and its only getting worse. I analyzed these trends and found that in times of high adventure, finances are thrown into a tizzy, and the world becomes increasingly unpredictable. So I dedicated my life to containing that chaos. First at SHUSH, then FOWL, even as your CEO. Just in the past thirty years, we've seen hyper-intelligent rodents, caped crusaders, flying bears, bouncing bears, living statues, and a veritable troop of goofs, misfits and adventurers. And all these events over the past century have one man in common. Who... Could... It... Be? I tried to reign you in. Isolate you. But your adventures just kept getting bigger, as did your family. Children belong in school halls and shopping malls, not gallivanting around the globe!
~ Bradford Buzzard explaining his previous attempts at maintaining order to Scrooge McDuck.
Everyone is mine to torment.
~ Joffrey Baratheon

Control Freaks are Pure Evil villains who are very authoritative, and perhaps even oppressive. They are recognizable by their continued belief that others should do what they say and that they know best, even if they do not.

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