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He is a monster, far worse than the Roidmudes you despise.
~ Heart revealing to Shinnosuke that Tenjuro Banno is the greater threat

Bigger Bads are villains who have a larger and more influential role than Big Bads in a specific franchise, TV series, movies, or any work with a variety of villains, including Big Bads, but are not directly involved with the main plot or conflict of the story. Unlike the Big Bads, the Bigger Bads have shorter screen time within the story but are often more powerful and influential than the Big Bad. They are also known as the Overarching Antagonist or the Greater-Scope Villain.

While it is less common for Bigger Bads to be Pure Evil than Big Bads, they still do pop up and when they do appear, Pure Evil Bigger Bads often tend to be more heinous than their respective Big Bads of the setting.

Note: A Bigger Bad cannot be the Big Bad at the same time, unless there is a spin-off series where one of his/her servants serves as the Big Bad. Examples include Emperor Palpatine, Ozai, Darkseid, Knull, Dio Brando and Red Skull.

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