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He told me he already destroyed a number of planets and their peoples. Although I've been fighting him for one year, there are hardly any humans left on this planet.
~ Future Trunks about Goku Black.
Kenzo Tenma You can't just go around killing!
Johan Liebert: Why not?
~ Johan Liebert to Kenzo Tenma while demonstrating his complete lack of empathy.
No. You're just a murderer, Light Yagami. And this notebook is the deadliest weapon of mass murder in the history of mankind. You yielded to the power of the Shinigami and the notebook, and have confused yourself with a god. In the end, you're nothing more than a crazy serial killer. That's all you are. Nothing more and nothing less.
~ Near to Light Yagami.

Anime pure evils are characters who show up in Japanese animated cartoon show or movies.

This category is for Japanese animation-only, and anime-influenced Western animation do not count.

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