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Villains that weren't Pure Evil in their original incarnation but are Pure Evil in a certain newer adaptation. This also applies to Fanon characters that are not Pure Evil in their original version but are in a fanfic version that has been approved on this wiki (e.g. Chris McLean, Marx, King Koopa and SpongeBob SquarePants).

However, a Pure Evil can't qualify if they were already Pure Evil in their original version even if they are eviler as those belong on the preserved pure evil category (e.g. Scar and Taurus Bulba, which also includes fanon characters based on already existing Pure Evils (e.g. Dimentio)).

Please do note that only the original first published version that is not Pure Evil with later versions being Pure Evil apply, as unpublished early draft versions of the character are invalid due to usually having little to no interpretation on where they morally scale, and ones that got published after the final draft version was are seen as another version of the first official publication of the character.

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