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Kasady is gone! There is only CARNAGE!
~ Cletus Kasady upon becoming Carnage.
To heck with my word, man! I'm gonna bring [the interdimensional probe] back. I can't wait to see the horrors Dormammu's gonna commit when he gets here!
~ Carnage before retreating from Stark Industries.

Cletus Kasady, also known as Carnage, is an antagonist in Spider-Man: The Animated Series, serving as a secondary antagonist in season 3.

He was an infamous criminal before Dormammu recruited and gave him his symbiote. Although the show is family-friendly, the writers still did their best to make their version of Carnage faithful to the comics.

He was voiced by Scott Cleverdon.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • According to Robbie Robertson, Kasady was less of a man, and more of a monster who had "done things even the post wouldn't print", before becoming Carnage. A cop also states that he "loves his job" before they raid his apartment building.
  • When the police order Kasady to surrender, he almost kills them with a grenade.
  • He nearly bombs everyone and everything within 200 meters, himself included.
  • While Eddie only used the symbiote to get revenge on Spider-man and did not go out of his way to harm innocents, Kasady used the Symbiote to cause major damage to New York because it sounds "fun" to him.
  • He nearly chops Spider-Man into tiny pieces with a symbiote axe-hand while he's unconscious.
  • He tries to kill Venom (who is also the Carnage symbiote's father) multiple times for petty reasons, and hates him for being a "sentimental old fool" due to his love for Ashley.
  • He goes on a rampage and drains the souls of at least 12 citizens throughout New York City (including Det. Terri Lee and Dr. Ashley Kafka) in order for Dormammu to exit his realm and thus reign terror on Earth.
    • Worse still, he says "to heck with my word" when Baron Mordo tells him to bring Stark Industries' interdimensional probe back to Dormammu's lair in exchange for giving him the symbiote earlier, showing that he doesn't believe in loyalty and is only in it because he wants to see the horrors that Dormammu will unleash upon Earth.
  • He starts dragging Venom's girlfriend, Ashley, through the portal to Dormammu's realm out of spite when it turns out he needs to go through too in order to seal it off completely, forcing Brock to sacrifice himself by leaping towards Carnage.


  • Despite being Pure Evil, this version of Carnage's level of violence had to be toned down due to censorship reasons, which led the show to feature Cletus Kasady just as a madman rather than a serial killer like his mainstream incarnation and draining people's lifeforce rather than killing them in a more direct and graphic way.
    • At the very least though, it's reasonable to believe he may be responsible for the deaths of others prior to the events of his first episode, given that according to Robbie Robertson, his crimes were so awful even the paper wouldn't print them.
  • The symbiote's actions as Spider-Carnage in the show's 2-part finale don't count due to it being from a parallel universe.

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