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I was hollowed out inside... empty... just like my other. We were both sick... because we were incomplete... but not anymore. We healed each other... Made each other whole. Neither one of us can survive without the other. Forget host. Forget symbiote. There is only Carnage.
~ Carnage
I am the ultimate insanity! I am CARNAGE!
~ Carnage
Did you know that my mother went through electroshock treatments when she was pregnant with me? This was before they would sedate you for that kind of thing... and then, you know... I died minutes after I was born... went to Hell... came back... that whole thing... I've had therapists try to tell me that these "early traumas" led me to being... the way I am. I've heard it all, you know... I'm this way because of abuse, because of video games, or sex and violence on TV, because of guns and knives and the wickedness of this mean old world. But what none of them get... is those things didn't make me what I am. I am made... of them. I am abuse. I am sex and violence. I am the guns and knives and the wickedness of this mean @#$%#&% world... you know my name. Now scream it.
~ Carnage

Cletus Kasady, or also better known by his supervillain name Carnage, is a major antagonist from Marvel Comics, serving as a major antagonist of the Spider-Man franchise and the central antagonist of the Venom comic book series. He is Venom's spawn and one of his arch-nemesis (along with Riot and Knull).

Unlike other members of Spider-Man's rogue's gallery, who were ordinary people who suffered accidents or some personal tragedy before becoming supervillains, Cletus Kasady was already a very dangerous serial killer originated from a dark past before the symbiote made him the powerful psychotic supervillain known as Carnage.

He is also one of the (if not the) darkest, most insane and most disturbing villains Spider-Man has ever faced. He is the titular main antagonist of Maximum Carnage, Minimum Carnage, Carnage USA, Absolute Carnage and Extreme Carnage, as well as the secondary antagonist of Go Down Swinging, and a posthumous antagonist of King In Black.


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What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • He was already a psychotic serial killer even before he bonded with the alien symbiote. And unlike Eddie Brock (whose morality is affected by his symbiote), he does everything on his own volition.
  • Killing so many people that he reaches a body count only plagues and dictators can rival.
  • He killed his grandmother and pet dog, tortured his mother, killed the headmistress of the orphanage and burned it down.
  • He killed a guy because he found his name stupid.
  • After his father accidentally killed his mother, Cletus then committed perjury during his murder trial, knowing that his answers could mean the difference between his father being acquitted or executed.
  • He pushed a girl he had a crush on in front of a bus just because she rejected him, shedding that redeeming quality he attempted to have.
  • During a fight with Spider-Man and Venom, Carnage took a baby from its mother's arms and defenestrated it. Thankfully, Venom saved it.
  • Ripped out the tongues of the Spider Patrol and used their tongues to make a jacket.
  • Went on a murder spree to attract Spider-Man and Venom so he could kill them both.
  • Attacked a penthouse party outside Central Park and slaughtered several guests before infecting the food with poison and trying to kill Spider-Man.
  • Attacked Sam Alexander's high school in an attempt to murder him.
  • Attacked Martha Robertson and severely wounded her by severing her arm and writing "Carnage Rules" in her blood.
  • Once the symbiote produced an offspring known as Toxin that bonded to a cop named Patrick Mulligan, Carnage tried to kill Toxin out of an irrational hatred of him despite Toxin being his own offspring.
  • The symbiote cowardly abandoned Kasady and infected the Silver Surfer simply to escape from Spider-Man.
  • Covered the dead bodies of innocent people to frame them as murderers.
  • Drove his psychiatrist insane by placing portions of the symbiote inside of his brain, turning him into a cannibalistic madman.
  • Killed off the entire staff and prisoners of Kramer Penitentiary.
  • Teamed up with Blastaar The Living Bomb-Burst and later betrayed him in attempt to use his weapon to kill trillions of people.
  • Attacked Houston with a army of mini-Carnage's.
  • Killed numerous people through a computer screen simply for laughing at cheesy videos.
  • Infected Benjy Parker, Peter and Mary Jane's son, with a symbiote. This would cost him his hearing.
  • The symbiote bonded with Norman Osborn and killed Flash Thompson just to hurt Spider-Man. The symbiote then decided it wanted to kill all of humanity, horrifying even Norman.
  • As Dark Carnage, he hunted those who had bonded to symbiotes to consume their codices and slaughtered many civilians to empower himself, corrupting and infecting numerous other people as well.
  • After becoming Devil Carnage, he released Knull in an attempt to get him to consume all life in the universe. He also forced Venom to choose between letting Knull consume everything or saving his son's life.
  • He killed a restaurant full of people, including women and children.
  • He ate the heads of over four thousand cattle and cannibalized an entire meatpacking facility staff.
  • He created a “family” of supervillains to drive New York into homicidal insanity. He also kidnapped, tortured and nearly killed Venom during this time.
  • He abused and occasionally tried to kill his “wife” Shriek and murdered their “son” Doppelganger for trying to defend her. He also abandoned her when she was taken to Ravencroft and did nothing to help her, only using her blind loyally to aid him in his plans, which continued whenever they were together.
  • In Carnage USA, he makes copies of his symbiote and uses them to infect/control other people (including the Avengers) in a small Colorado town. Even though Carnage was defeated, it wasn't before he murdered Eric Morrell's young daughter Stephanie.
  • He raised the Elder God Chthon from his slumber, so Chthon would slaughter mankind while he’s allowed to bathe in the blood of billions.
  • After being killed, he returned to life with the power to control other symbiotes and intended to end the world with the Life Foundation symbiotes under his thrall.
  • He assassinated Senator Peter Krane on live television, assimilated Iron Man's Extremis-infected symbiote while badly wounding him, and caused anti-alien sentiment to reach an all-time high through his actions.
  • Even though he suffered a dark, abusive and traumatic upbringing during his childhood (losing his mother during childbirth, being born with mental illness and coping with it during growth, having an abusive grandmother, getting beaten by his stepmother who was later killed by his father and being bullied and abused at the orphanage) none of it justifies any of his heinous actions since he’s far past the moral event horizon and they all outweigh any excuse he has left for mitigating them even though his experience at the orphanage was the main propelling factor of his nihilistic philosophy where he began to think that life was essentially meaningless and futile, that "laws are only words", and came to see the spreading of chaos through random, unpatterned bloodshed as "the ultimate freedom". Because of this, unlike other Marvel villains, he has absolutely no end-goal other than to spread chaos, death, destruction and carnage wherever he goes.


  • In the first issue of Web of Venom: Carnage Born, Scorn states that Cletus Kassidy originally died as a newborn from nuchal cord strangulation, but that Knull resurrected him to make him an agent of the Void. Had this been confirmed, this would have stripped Carnage from his Pure Evil status, as this would mean that Cletus Kassady was born to be evil from the beginning, giving him moral agency issues. However, this was debunked later on as having been a lie fabricated by the Cult of Knull to sensationalize Carnage as Knull's chosen one.
  • Unlike most versions of Cletus Kasady, the Venom counterpart of Cletus is instead a Near Pure Evil due to having sympathetic qualities, genuine love for Shriek and moral standards, but the Carnage Symbiote still qualifies due to having no redeeming qualities and proved to be more evil than Cletus.

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