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You'd do better to tell us everything. But to make sure it happens, I brought along a few tools. Just things you pick up along the way. At first I won't be able to trust you, but after I use this, you'll own up to a few things. When we get to these we'll have developed a... how can I put this? A closer bond, much like brothers. You'll see. And when we get this one, I'll believe anything you tell me.
~ Captain Vidal torturing his victims.

Captain Vidal is the main antagonist of the 2006 hit Spanish dark fantasy film Pan's Labyrinth.

He was portrayed by Sergi López.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • Standing behind and enforcing the laws of the unfair and fascistic Franco regime.
  • Murdering multiple freedom fighters and rebels, even when they were unarmed and helpless.
  • Brutally murdered two innocent farmers, a father and a son. He mercilessly struck the son's face with a bottle multiple times and shot the father in the chest. (Although the latter one was instant and not painful) He then showed no remorse when learning that they were not rebels, only being annoyed that it was a waste of his time.
  • When his wife's condition began to deteriorate, he ordered Dr. Ferreiro that if he had to choose, he was to save Vidal's unborn child over the mother. This resulted in his wife's death in childbirth.
  • Physically and psychologically tortured a captured rebel.
  • Killed Dr. Ferreiro for stopping the rebel's pain.
  • Captured Mercedes and Ofelia when they tried to escape.
  • Physically abused Ofelia and then locked her up.
  • Planned to torture Mercedes but she escaped.
  • Killed Ofelia. 
  • Although he seems to be tragic that he lost his father when he died in war and he would be able to match him, he only wants recognition from people at the expense of his father, and he far passes the excuse in anyway.

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