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Captain Kuro is an infamous pirate from North Blue. He was the leader of the Black Cat Pirates and is the main antagonist of the Syrup Village Arc.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • Unlike many of the other earlier antagonists like Buggy, Morgan, Don Krieg and Arlong, and other villains that appear later, he lacks any redeeming qualities or comedic traits.
  • He was behind a mass murder when he slaughters an entire ship full of Marines.
  • He has one of his own subordinates hypnotized to think he's him and leaves him with the massacred crew to take the fall for his crimes and be executed by the Marines in order to fake his death.
  • He later enters Syrup Village and pretends to be a kind-hearted butler to Kaya. However, he was plotting to murder her for her fortunes. When his true nature comes out towards her, he mocks her.
  • He believes that all his men are merely disposable pawns, and that pirates are mere savages incapable of rising above their animal nature.
  • He had already planned to kill his men beforehand since they knew of his true nature and to ensure his true identity be kept a secret.
  • When fighting against Luffy and Zoro, he attacks his own crew. He cuts them down one at a time, intending on murdering all of them.
  • He attempted to kill Luffy, taking pleasure in the fear and agony he would endure.
  • He planned to have all the inhabitants of Syrup Village killed off so that he can live on the island alone in peace (mainly out of selfishness).


  • Captain Kuro was remembered to be the very first One Piece villain to be Pure Evil.

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