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I wasn't real close to my dad, and after my first internment at Arkham, we never spoke at all. Seems he wrote me off as a wacko, a loser. So after I was released, I wanted to clear the air between us. The next Father's Day I dropped by his place and suggested we go fishing. You ever go fishing with your pop? Well, it's some fun, let me tell you. The two of us, out on the water, pulling in one whopper after another. Of course, I was doing the actual pulling. Dad was baiting the hooks. You know, with a finger, a foot, an eye...whatever I had left of him. Even today, whenever I eat a nice piece of fish, I feel closer to my dear old dad.
~ Calendar Man when Batman visits him on Father's Day.
March 17th, the day set aside for St. Patrick, the holy man who drove the snakes from Ireland. Interesting thing about snake venom, Batman: Some are green, just like the dye used to make green beer. That made it all the easier when I hosted that St. Paddy's Day party for my old gang. As you remember, one of my henchmen tried to tip you off. I wasn't sure which one had done it, so I decided to punish them all. One dose of green mamba venom into the beer keg and they were soon rotting under the shamrocks. So I guess that makes you responsible for their deaths too. I'll drink to that.
~ Calendar Man when Batman visits him on St. Patrick's Day.

Julian Gregory Day, best known as Calendar Man, is a minor recurring antagonist in the Batman: Arkham series, making cameos in the main games while having a more prominent role in the tie-in comics.

He is a serial killer who, as his name implies, is fixated on the calendar, timing his murders thematically to certain holidays throughout the year.

He was voiced by Maurice LaMarche.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • For every monthly holiday in Arkham City, he'll tell Batman a story about how he committed some heinous crime in vivid details as a means of celebration. While they didn't happen onscreen, they've happened nonetheless and are described in extremely vivid detail that it isn't offscreen villainy anymore, and some of them were even in his to-do list before they happened as seen in Arkham Origins or newspaper articles. To be completely specific:
    • On New Year's Day, he violated a restraining order by attacking some random girl's party with a flamethrower.
    • On Valentine's Day, he smothered a girl in her own apartment.
    • On St. Patrick's Day, he killed all of his own men by putting snake venom in their beer because one of them was trying to tip Batman off.
    • On April Fools' Day, he recorded himself surprise-killing another girl whom he was stalking for several days.
    • On Mother's and Father's Day respectively, he sadistically murdered his own parents, even using his dad's body parts as fishing lures afterwards.
    • On Independence Day, he used fireworks to conflagrate Arkham's intensive care ward, most likely burning it to the ground and killing multiple patients.
    • On the Feast Day of St. Roch, he unleashed packs of mad dogs upon the streets with help from Scarecrow's fear toxin.
    • On Labor Day, he committed separate crimes every year like driving a bulldozer through the Gold Exchange, unleashing wild circus animals upon Gotham, and laying siege to a hospital maternity ward.
    • On Halloween, he participated in a terrifying unmasking prank led by Joker at a public party.
    • On Thanksgiving, he killed an innocent family that welcomed him into their home.
    • On Christmas, he killed Judge Harkness and a street-corner Santa Claus.
  • After completing all the dates, if Batman returns to the courthouse, it's shown that Calendar Man escaped, killed one of Two Face's thugs and strung up the thug's corpse on display in his cell.
  • When Catwoman goes beneath the courthouse to talk to him, Calendar Man says that this year or the next he will see and possibly kill her, as well as presumably threatening her father.
  • In the canon tie-in prequel comic to Arkham Knight, he forces Batman to fight several clones of Solomon Grundy to tire him out before revealing he poisoned 365 people across Gotham, several of whom were children.
    • He also holds a baby hostage so Batman would comply with his twisted game, later throwing the baby off a ledge to distract Batman so he could escape again.
  • In the Arkham Knight city story 'Resolutions', it's revealed Calendar Man wrote in his diary more of his holiday-themed crimes:
    • On National Hugging Day, he visited the children's ward at Elliot Memorial Hospital while covered in infected blood.
    • On World Environment Day, he killed an entire class by forcing them to drink ACE Chemicals Runoff.
    • On International Talk Like a Pirate Day, he cut off a man's leg and nailed a wooden peg in its place.
    • On World Peace Day, he left bombs at the Quraci Embassy, possibly endangering and killing countless lives.
  • During the Knightfall Protocol in Arkham Knight, he secretly watched the apparent deaths of Bruce and Alfred, most likely glad that his enemy was finally dead. He faces zero comeuppance for his actions afterwards, indicating that he'll go on to kill more innocent people in the future.


  • This is the only Pure Evil version of Calendar Man.
    • It is also the only Pure Evil incarnation of a long standing "joke" Batman villain.


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