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You girls are just burning with righteousness, aren't you? Problem is, you think they're blazing like suns, when really you're matchsticks in the face of the darkness.
~ Caleb
You're the one who sees everything, aren't you? Well, let's see what we can't do about that...
~ Caleb's most famous quote before he tears out Xander Harris' eye.

Caleb is the central antagonist in season seven of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

He was the lead follower of the First Evil. He was introduced because of the fact that the First Evil was a spiritual force, and thus the show's creators felt the gang required a physical opponent to act as a kind of avatar for the spirit.

He was portrayed by Nathan Fillion.



Caleb was a ruthless, sadistic, calculating and bloodthirsty menace who rejected the typical practices of people in his profession, instead opting for becoming a serial killing misogynist with a twisted pleasure found from killing women. Additionally, he looked to The First as indeed a higher being, but still rejected the concept of God—only believing The First to be the closest thing to God and as such was perfectly willing to become his right hand man and wipe out the slayer bloodline.

Caleb's brutal nature is contrasted from the persona he tries to set himself however, with him being a very charismatic, smooth talking southerner who can very easily put on a friendly persona before immediately switching into his true self, sometimes even blending the two personas into one. He is also incredibly self confident and although he hides it well, he has a fairly nasty temper, best exemplified when he uses Buffy as a punching bag as well as when he threw several wine barrels across his lair in a fit of fury after being forced to let Buffy go free.

Caleb also had a strong belief in not hiding from whence you came, still wearing his typical priest attire merely because he doesn't believe he should hide what his upbringing was, as well as the fact that black is slimming for his figure.


Caleb was a handsome young man with a friendly and enduring face, making it very easy for him to lure in unsuspecting women, although this can also be helped by his outfit. He has a mop of brown hair on his head and matching eyes with a muscular build as well as fair skin. He is always seen wearing an all black getup; shirt, trousers, belt and shoes, with his most defining piece being his clerical collar left over from his days as a genuine priest.

When being granted some of the First's power, Caleb's eyes will temporally turn jet black but this will eventually wear off. After being attacked by Buffy and Angel, however, the black substance in his eyes seemed to begin leaking all over his face and remained as such until he was finally killed by Buffy.


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What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • Killing several women prior to showing up on the show.
  • Blowing up the Watcher's council.
  • Sending bringers to go after countless potential slayers to kill them.
  • Killing two potential slayers on-screen.
  • Gouging out Xander's eye and almost killing him, only failing thanks to Spike's intervention.
  • Beating Buffy Summers to a pulp on multiple occasions.
  • Causing serious injuries such as broken bones to countless potential slayers.
  • Supports the First Evil in it's attempt at the apocalypse and relishing in such an occasion.


  • Caleb is regarded as Buffy's most evil human villain. This is mainly because of how the characters react to him, with him being the only human Buffy ever admitted was too far gone and needed to die, with her not even treating Warren Mears like this. Additionally, Spike—a character no stranger to brutal attackers and who loved a good fight—was even shaken up by Caleb and knew battling him would be too much for everyone involved.
  • After Warren Caleb, he is one of the only human big bads in the Buffyverse to be purely evil. Unlike the former, he actually does have supernatural abilities. Additionally, he seemed to borrow several traits from Warren, most obviously his misogyny.
  • Caleb is also the only pure evil character played by Nathan Fillion and is naturally his most evil character.

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