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You know, Junior, some of the things we done, man...I don't feel like we done something wrong. But sometimes, man, I get this bad feeling. I told the Padre the truth, man. I like it here. You get to do what you want. Nobody f-cks with you. The only worry you got is dying. And if that happens, you won't know about it anyway. So what the f-ck, man.
~ Bunny expressing his true sadistic nature.
What're you a homosexual, Taylor?
~ Bunny as Taylor stops his men from gangraping a little girl.

Bunny is the secondary antagonist of Oliver Stone’s 1986 Vietnam War film Platoon. He is the sociopathic soldier in the army and the former friend of Chris Taylor.

He was portrayed by Kevin Dillon.


After Chris snaps and shoots the feet of a crippled Vietnamese boy to make him dance (believing the boy is responsible for the death of their comrade), Bunny goes further and beats him to death with his rifle for fun and does the same to the victim's elderly mother. Later he leads a gang-rape of a young girl in the bushes before being interrupted by Chris Taylor and Sergeant Elias. During a conversation between a fellow comrade named Junior, Bunny states that he does not regret anything that he has done during the war. He dies during the final battle scene when he is shot to the head.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • He beats a handicapped teenage boy to death with the butt of his gun right in front of his mother, and then does the same to her offscreen.
    • After killing the boy, he expresses clear delight at his exposed brain matter.
  • He participated in burning down the Vietnamese village.
  • He and Junior lead the gangrape of two underage girls, with Bunny even making a homophobic remark towards Taylor (who outright calls them inhumane animals just for this one act alone) after his intervention.
  • He makes the suggestion for Sergeant Barnes to frag Elias.
  • Overall with some soldiers influenced by Barnes' behavior, Bunny is the only one whom did his actions without expressing remorse on his own and who wasn't influenced. He even admits that he enjoys war because it allows him to do whatever he wants without legal restrictions.


  • He is one of the two Platoon villains to be Pure Evil, the other being Bob Barnes.