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Umbrella must be trying to cover its tracks. But if I have to go, I'm going to take you with me!
~ Irons' last words to Claire in the original game
Your fault...! Took too long! Damn you, William!
~ Iron's last words to Claire before his demise.

Brian Irons was Raccoon City's last Chief of Police in 1998 and a major antagonist in Resident Evil 2 as well as a minor antagonist in Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles. Though a Raccoon City police officer, Irons secretly accepted bribes from the Umbrella Corporation to cover up their illegal activities in the area. It's also revealed that he committed various other horrible crimes throughout his career. Some of them include rape, serial murder, and in the remake, child abuse.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • During his college years, he raped two female students but the charges were dropped due to circumstantial evidence and his excellent academic standing.
    • Which is ironic, considering he runs a shelter for abused women in the remake.
  • He loves doing taxidermy, whether it's on animals or human women. A file in the remake states that he nearly jizzed himself while gutting a dead tiger, and he refers to a 5'3'', 110-pound, and 22-year-old "pig" that he hunted down in Raccoon City, describing how the "sweet" body is his forever.
  • He's a corrupt police chief under the payroll of the Umbrella Corporation. He was letting the company do illegal experiments, making him partially responsible for the T-Virus infecting Raccoon City. When the outbreak finally hits the town, he hides the RPD's ammo all over town and then goes on a killing spree. He even goes so far to kill and stuff the mayor’s daughter instead of protecting her as requested by her father.
  • In the 2019 remake of Resident Evil 2, it's revealed that he used an orphanage as a front for children to be used as test subjects for the Birkins. When one of the kids tried but failed to escape, Irons ordered every last child within the orphanage executed to cover the company's tracks.
  • Also in the remake, he kidnaps Sherry and threatens to kill her if Claire doesn't deliver her pendant, and tries to hurt her after she escapes and throws acid in his face. There's also a fair amount of Fridge Horror involved, considering:
    • He states that he would've let her go if she just didn't drop her locket in the garage. However, according to a file in the original game, he purposely let the mayor's daughter escape just so he could enjoy hunting her down later. And judging from how she turned out...
    • If Sherry gets caught during the cat-and-mouse sequence in the orphanage, the game over screen says "you're trapped" instead of "you're dead".
    • Irons already has a history of victimizing blonde girls, and overall it's unknown why he kidnapped Sherry when he could've simply taken her locket, which is later revealed to be a key to access the G-Virus.
  • He has no redeeming qualities whatsoever, and everything about him is played for horror. While Irons may not be an omnicidal bioterrorist with grandiose schemes like Umbrella or Wesker, he still qualifies due to how realistic his threat level is.
  • While one could argue his evil came about because of Raccoon City being infested with zombies, the game goes out of its way to explain that he was evil before the zombie outbreak began. One can say that the outbreak did bring out the worst of him, however.
  • When caught Sherry, Chief Irons was countered by William who implanted a G-Young inside of Irons and eating his inners.
  • When Claire arrived, Chief Irons blamed Claire that is her fault for taking so long and his final words is "Damn you, William!" before the G-Young emerged out of his stomach resulting of Irons' death.

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