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My Lord Mons Drake, I advise you to remain on your guard. This planet, Earth...It appears different from the countless worlds you have invaded.
~ Buredoran of the Comet's first words when warning Mons Drake of Goseigers Earth's defenders.
So Warstar falls too...
~ Birajira's final words before his supposed death in the Indevader.

Brajira of the Messiah is the main antagonist of Tensou Sentai Goseiger and a general of all the organizations faced by the Goseigers. He is later revealed to be a fallen Gosei Angel. A Gosei Angel who betrayed and was imprisoned his own kind due to his own thirst for power and wanting to make the entire world in his own image.

Other than Goseiger, he returns in the future as Messiah Brajira of the Black Cross to aide the revived Black Cross Fuhrer now Black Cross King in his devilish goals.

He is portrayed by Nobuo Tobita who also plays the Major in Hellsing Ultimate's Japanese dub.

What Makes Him Pure Evil

  • He claims to have good intentions (a rarity in Super Sentai): in his case to recreate the Earth to root out it's corruption. But there are several reasons why it's ultimately considered selfish instead of altruistic:
    • He lacks any sympathetic or redeemable quality to balance out the sincerity. He was once a hero, but once he becomes obsessed with his plan, any good qualities he may have once had completely vanished.
    • His so-called good intentions may have once been genuine, but now it's just a convenient excuse for satisfying his own ego and messianic complex, considering he wants the planet recreated in his own image where everyone sees him as a savior.
    • Even Gosei Knight, who was devoted to protecting the Earth to the point of killing humans that threaten it, even if unintentionally, did not want to go along with Brajira's plan and has denounced him as his master. In fact, by the time his true plan is revealed to the Goseigers, Gosei Knight has mellowed out significantly and has grown to care for and protect humanity while Brajira sticks to his delusional ways.
    • The name of his plan: the Earth Salvation Plan is also misleading because he seeks to cause the Nega End, which would cause a mass extinction, the opposite of the original Tensou Technique End that brings back life, and it brings anything but salvation.
  • Devoured his fellow Gosei Angels in order to gain all three Gosei Tribe powers to seal the Yuumajuu away. While it stops the Yuumajuu from being a threat, it was cruel and the others are understandably horrified.
  • Instead of reflecting or feeling remorse for his action, he blames the other Gosei Angels for not helping him and escapes by time travelling to 2010, knowing but not caring that it is a forbidden technique and that it distorted his appearance and humanity.
  • Manipulating several villainous organizations such as Warstar and later Yuumajuu and so on to commit horrible deeds and later plundering them of their valuables.
  • He also approved of every single attack on the planet they came up with and even went to enact some himself while attacking innocents, making his "good" intentions even more shallow.
  • Created the monster-enlarging Bibi Bugs using the dark essence of Warstar's previous planetary victims.
  • He tells Warstar about Heaven's Tower, making him responsible for it's destruction by Dereputa.
  • Takes advantage of the five Gosei Angels that are trapped on Earth and became the Goseigers for his own ends. One such time, using Mazuarta's painful music ability to kill off it's population.
  • Piloted Mons Drake's ship powered by the Earth's oxygen to crash into Earth and kill the Goseigers (And possibly even Mons Drake himself).
  • After manipulating Warstar, Brajiira purposely and selfishly releases the dangerous Yuumajuu. Then proceeding to let them invade Earth.
  • Torments Gosei Knight in order to convert humans into kappas and suck the planet dry.
  • Goes behind the Yuumajuu's back to steal the Abare Headder and use it to cause destruction.
  • Orchestrates splitting up Makuin and Kinggon in order to replace the latter and overthrow them both by sealing them, unaware that they anticipated and tricked him in revenge.
  • Brajira brainwashes Shinken Red to become Gedou Shinken Red in order to aid him in his destructive goals whilst also using the Gedoshu as "a descendant Chimatsuri" to the ultimate goal of flooding Gosei World with the Sanzu river. This also shows how insincere his intentions really are, as he was willing to poison his own dimension for his own ambitions.
  • Attacks Shitari when he opposes his plan since he would condemn the Gedoushu to death if he floods it all there.
  • After killing Robogog, instead of stopping there, he goes to Metal Alice, who gave him back his memory that Robogog took away, and proceeds to ungratefully kill her as well, having no use for her in his plans.
  • Brainwashes Gosei Knight and later sadistically jokes about it, telling his new puppet to let the Goseigers live since they were "once his friends" and ultimately doing so for them to feel the pain he had just inflicted on them psychologically.
  • Manipulates the Goseigers into killing his Dark Headders (who are sentient and capable of speech) so they can become drills based on all three tribes as part of the Nega End ceremony. In fairness, Dark Headders are happy to be sacrificed and remain devoted to him despite being called tools to their face.
  • Almost kills Nozomu (a child) for trying to warn them about this.
  • Tries to kill Gosei Knight when freed from his control, but while Gosei Knight survived, his base Labyrindel (Which he stole from the Matrintis when it was called the Terminel after killing off it's members) is destroyed.
  • Refuses to listen to Alata's reasoning and reminder that he was once a benevolent Gosei Angel, dismissing it as pointless and showing there is no good left in him.
  • After being fatally wounded and his Earth Salvation Plan failing, he still sets Nega End in motion to destroy the Earth and Gosei World even though he can't create a new world, just to take everyone down with him.
  • Works for the Black Cross King after he revives him, but only so he can get revenge on the Goseigers. He even freezes people in time just to draw Alata's attention. (Captain Marvelous / Gokai Red was also present)


  • Brajira is Super Sentai's version of the devil since like Lucifer (a version of the devil), he betrays the ones related in some way to him although he is more pure evil since he does this without being made of evil.
  • Brajira's motives to build a new world where he is the hero is like Lord Drakkon's plan except Brajira was stopped and never killed any Super Sentai although if he were to have his way all would die.
  • Brajira isn't the last treasonous and treacherous villain in Super Sentai as he was followed by Quervo albeit he was worse due to betraying all and then killing all the Gosei Angels he served with. Not to mention all the other factions he double crossed, so when compared to Quervo who only tried and betrayed on friend Brajira is more heinous.
  • Brajira is one of Goseigers two pure evil's with the other being Robogog of the 10-sai.


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