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Brainiac is the titular main antagonist of the 2006 direct-to-video animated feature film Superman: Brainiac Attacks, the first animated Superman solo movie.

He is an evil Kryptonian A.I. who wants to collect all information in the universe. During one of his many attempts to accomplish that goal by endangering the Earth, Brainiac gets physically destroyed by Superman, but Lex Luthor rescues him and offers him a partnership to get rid of the Man of Steel for good.

He was voiced by Lance Henriksen, who also played Thomas Magruder in the Gun video game series, Lockdown in Transformers: Animated and Karl Bishop Weyland in the 2010 Aliens vs Predator video game.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • Apparently came across Superman in several occasions before, endangering the Earth so he could collect all its data and use it for his nefarious plans.
  • Breaks into a Lex Labs installation by blowing up one of its walls, likely killing at least two scientists in the process with the explosion.
  • Hacks the Lex 9000 to shoot blasts of Kryptonite and shoots projectiles from Lex Labs at Superman, even using one of them to crush him against a mountain and nearly indirectly causes Lois Lane to fall to her death.
    • His hacking accidentally leads the Lex 9000 to ravage the forests with its Kryptonite blasts, but doesn't care about it.
  • States his intentions to bomb the Earth to drive humanity back to the dark ages, which means he was perfectly willing to regress humanity's development just so his knowledge about their lost progress would be valuable.
  • Joins forces with Lex Luthor to kill Superman in exchange of letting Lex "avenge" the Man of Steel and "defeat" him to boost Lex's decaying reputation.
  • Causes a rampage over Metropolis during his fight with Superman.
  • Blows up the jets send by the military to stop him. While some of the pilots are seen parachuting to safety, some jets don't depict their pilots ejecting from them, which means that some didn't get to eject in time.
  • Accidentally shoots Lois Lane with his Kryptonite blasts while attacking Superman, infecting Lois with a deathly sickness, and expresses no remorse over this.
  • Attacks Superman at the Fortress of Solitude so he can steal Krypton's knowledge, taunting and trying to kill Superman when he opts to delete all the files containing Krypton's data to ensure Brainiac can't misuse it, causing all the surviving information about that extinct civilization to be lost forever.
  • Causes another rampage over Metropolis just like Luthor asked him to do, destroying and likely killing many people while burning and freezing things with his weapons throughout the streets.
  • Betrays Lex Luthor by breaking his promise to leave the Earth in exchange of being able to kill Superman with LexCorp's technology, crushing Lex inside his exoskeleton after Luthor fruitless tries to kill Brainiac with a self-destruction mechanism he inserted within his new body, unaware that Brainiac had already deactivated it.
    • Though to be fair, it's possible that Brainiac crushed Luthor just because he revealed that he inserted the self-destruct mechanism to kill him. However, Luthor specifically stated that he was only going to use it if Brainiac double-crossed him, which was the case, and Brainiac's taunts at Lex being so naive implies that Brainiac never intended to fulfill his part of the deal.
  • Destroys a building by blasting Superman into it.
  • Creates a Kryptonite sound wave that endangers several civilians.
  • Heats up a nuclear reactor to blow up Metropolis.
  • Swats Luthor away with one of his robotic tentacles after his defeat, sending Luthor to the hospital (though he certainly deserved it).
  • Stalks Superman back to the hospital and break Lois' Argonium 44 cure simply out of spite towards Superman for defeating him, leading Superman to kill him with his own hands and to Lois to nearly die had Superman not kissed her.


  • Despite aesthethically looking the same as in the DC Animated Universe, this Brainiac isn't the same one from the DCAU. However, akin to his DCAU counterpart, this version of Brainiac is likewise Pure Evil.
    • That said, had Superman: Brainiac Attacks been written as part of the DCAU, this would have made the DCAU's Brainiac even worse.
  • This is one of the two Pure Evil versions of Brainiac inspired by the Pure Evil DCAU version, the other being the version of the Legion of Super-Heroes cartoon series.

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