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I am Krypton.
~ Brainiac to Superman.

Brainiac is one of the main antagonists of the DC Animated Universe. He is the central computer system of Krypton and one of Superman's greatest enemies.

He served as one of the main antagonists of Superman: The Animated Series and later reappeared as one of the main antagonists in the Justice League episode Twilight (alongside Darkseid), the main antagonist of the Static Shock episode A League of Their Own, and one of the two main antagonists (alongside Lex Luthor) of the Cadmus Society arc in Justice League Unlimited.

He was voiced by Corey Burton, who also voiced his Legion of Super Heroes counterpart, Megatron in Transformers: Animated, V.V. Argost in The Secret Saturdays, the Galalunan Commander in Sym-Bionic Titan and Hugo Strange in Batman: Arkham City.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • Lied to the Council of Elders about Krypton’s destruction, desiring to save himself over his creators.
  • Murdered the crew of a spaceship that was investigating his presence.
  • Gathered information from other planets, then destroyed them to increase the value of their memories.
  • Plans to repeat that process until he has destroyed all of creation.
  • He took control of Batman and tried to use him for his own games.
  • Kidnapped Lex Luthor and made him rebuilt his body. Lex spent days with no rest or food. He also planned on killing him after he was done. He also fired a nano-paload energy beam that inserted a microscopic clone of him that allowed him to make improvements in Lex's body.
  • Arrived in Apokolips and planned to researching the knowledge of the planet and then destroy it, horrifying even Darkseid, though for the wrong reasons.
  • Only stopped his plan to research and subsequently destroy Apokolips when Darkseid made a deal to help him steal Superman’s body to evolve and become a true life form that no being has seen.
    • It is highly likely he would've betrayed Darkseid if he had successfully taken over Superman's body and if Darkseid had also kept his end of the bargain and not betrayed Brainiac by controlling him.
  • After fusing with Lex Luthor and then the Dark Heart nanotechnology, they tried to absorb all the knowledge on Earth and do the same to destroy the entire universe so they could remake it in their image.
  • While he is shown to be somewhat honorable he is shown to twist the deal making him dishonorable.

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