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~ Bora Ra as he woke up before summonning Gargantuan Black Hole.

Bora Ra is the main antagonist of 2016 Malaysian CG-animated film BoBoiBoy: The Movie. He is a ruthless and vituperative leader of Tengkotak, a group of Power Sphere hunters.

He is voiced by Azman Zulkiply.


The movie started when the Tengkotak group chasing down Klamkabot, Bora Ra summons the Robot T to capture Klamkabot. After the robots are capturing Klamkabot, Bora Ra then appears in front of him and taunting at him. While he keeps taunting, Klamkabot has his chance to teleport himself away from the group, along with the floating island.

Bora Ra asked about Klamkabot's whereabouts. But, Yoyo Oo said that there's no sign of him, which made Bora Ra upset and threatening him to pull him out of the spaceship. Then Yoyo Oo picks up the signal and mistakenly thought it was Klamkabot. He then ordered Kiki Ta to head to planet Earth to track him down.

The Tengkotak group later arriving the planet Earth, which they landed in front of Tok Aba and BoBoiBot Kokotiam. After their debut, Adu Du introducing them (with an exception of Cici Ko due to find him unimportant). Bora Ra demands BoBoiBoy to give him Power Sphere. Adu Du then spots Ochobot, which upsets Bora Ra more and scold at Yoyo Oo. But Yoyo Oo explains that he mistaken the signal and tell him that they must use Ochobot to track down Klamkabot, much to Bora Ra's surprise. Bora Ra then snatches down Ochobot from BoBoiBoy's hand. BoBoiBoy attempt to attack Bora Ra, but Gaga Naz blocked and later defeated him. BoBoiBoy's friends help him by trying to defeat Gaga Naz, but Bora Ra finishes them by using his black hole power. After that, the Tengkotak group left them with Ochobot on Bora Ra's hand.

When the group goes back to their spaceship, Bora Ra asked Kiki Ta about the status. As Gaga Naz introduces Kiki Ta to Adu Du, Bora Ra felt annoyed that Adu Du fell in love with her. Bora Ra then ordered Yoyo Oo to throw Ochobot away to track down Klamkabot. When Probe asked him if he's afraid of BoBoiBoy, Probe explains that BoBoiBoy must have going to rescue Ochobot. But Gaga Naz never believed it and said that they already beat up BoBoiBoy, then Adu Du explained that BoBoiBoy never gave up that easily and still determined to save his friend Ochobot. This cause Bora Ra to laugh at him and mockingly asked if Power Sphere can become friends, but Probe said yes and said that they're just like him and Adu Du. This causes the group laugh at both, much to Adu Du's fury and calling Bora Ra ruthless. After hearing that, Bora Ra and Adu Du ended up in heated squabble. However, they are interrupted by Kiki Ta as she informed that BoBoiBoy just head towards us. He then ejects Adu Du and Probe from spaceship along with Kurita, and later ordered them to get rid of them both, along with BoBoiBoy and his friends. When Kiki Ta tells him that Ochobot already gets near to Klamkabot, Cici Ko proceeding to cleaning up the map so he would not seeing it, causing Bora Ra to intimidate him away.

After arriving at the floating island, Bora Ra became upsets that Klamkabot was never found. After brief fight between Gaga Naz and Yoyo Oo, he then broke up the fight and ordered him to keep searching. Later that night, Yoyo Oo informed Bora Ra that Klamkabot just attacked Ochobot. Gaga Naz then informed that BoBoiBoy just arrived here, which made Bora Ra angrily throws Yoyo Oo to the ground and tell him to summon J-Rex to chase down BoBoiBoy and his friends, but he ended up chasing Papa Zola, Adu Du and Probe.

As Bora Ra and Gaga Naz arrived at the cave first before BoBoiBoy and his friends, both chasing the group and also the Klamkabot. At the Power Sphere factory, both still chasing the group. As BoBoiBoy Cyclone tries to save Gopal, Bora Ra shoots down the black hole balls to attack him, but he managed to dodged them. After Gaga Naz was punched by Yaya, Bora Ra scold at him for losing. As Klamkabot throws BoBoiBoy and his friends away to sacrifice himself, Bora Ra chases him down and ordered Gaga Naz to destroy BoBoiBoy and his friends. After Gaga Naz thought that he destroyed them, Bora Ra and Gaga Naz flies away with Klamkabot captured.

After both Bora Ra and Gaga Naz goes back to their spaceship where they landed, Bora Ra then throws Klamkabot on the ground. Yoyo Oo then activates Power Sucking Gate and Bora Ra sends Klamkabot to be captured on the gate and started to suck his power. After the torture, Yoyo Oo and Bora Ra realized that the teleportation power was missing until they found out that he already gave his power to Ochobot. Bora Ra then threatening BoBoiBoy to gave up Ochobot to them or else he'll destroy Papa Zola, Adu Du, and Probe. While waiting for BoBoiBoy and his friends to arrive, Papa Zola took a selfie with Bora Ra, which he negatively commented about these humans. After BoBoiBoy and his friends arrived with Ochobot, Fang uses his shadow power to teleport them away, but it failed as Kiki Ta shoots down Ochobot. Bora Ra ended up holding Ochobot on his hand and later takes away the teleportation power from him. After he got the teleportation away, he mercilessly throws him away. BoBoiBoy tries to save him, but Bora Ra proceeding to fight him and later defeating him. Fang prevents Bora Ra from crushing BoBoiBoy down, which he angrily rushed over him.

As BoBoiBoy approach Ochobot, Fang then defeated on the ground. Bora Ra snatches Ochobot away and then destroyed him in front of BoBoiBoy's eyes. As Bora Ra tries to crush BoBoiBoy to death, BoBoiBoy used his upgraded power to defeat him. But then, Bora Ra never gave up and summoning the Gargantuan Black Hole. After he escapes along with his spaceship and seems that he already won, but it teleported back where they belong and he realized that Adu Du just gave him the false coordinate, much to his enrage and tries to attacked him. BoBoiBoy then split into seven to defeat him once and for all.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • Captured the Power Spheres and takes away their powers before destroyed them mercilessly.
  • Attacked the governor because he never tell him the whereabouts of Power Sphera, and later tried to attack Captain Kaizo and Fang, but he was upset that Kaizo got the power from EnerBot. He got comeuppance later when Maskmana arrived and cut off one of his antennas.
  • Hunting down Klamkabot to acquire his teleporation power.
  • Threatening to exile Yoyo Oo from his spaceship if he doesn't tell Klamkabot's whereabouts to him.
  • Kidnapped Ochobot from BoBoiBoy just to track down Klamkabot.
  • Summoning his Black Hole Power to defeat BoBoiBoy and his gang just to end their fight against Gaga Naz. Not only that, his powers also destroyed Tok Aba's Kokotiam.
  • Kicked both Adu Du and Probe from his spaceship and drops them off to the sea before leaving them to get eaten by Kurita alongside BoBoiBoy and his gang.
  • Finds out that BoBoiBoy and his gang are at the Floating Island, he summoned J-Rex to kill them, only for it to chase down Papa Zola, Adu Du and Probe until they befriended it.
  • Chasing down BoBoiBoy, his gang and Klamkabot and attempt to kill them.
  • After capturing Klamkabot, he tortured him by putting him in Power Sucking Gate to get his teleportation power, but only realized that he gave away the power to Ochobot.
  • Held Papa Zola, Adu Du and Probe on hostage and threaten BoBoiBoy to surrender Ochobot to him in exchange for their lives.
  • Mercilessly takes the teleportation power away from Ochobot and later destroyed him in front of BoBoiBoy's eyes.
  • Tried to destroy the floating island where BoBoiBoy and his friends were by using Gargantuan Black Hole power, not caring if they almost died.

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