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Robert "Bobby" Earl Ferguson is the main antagonist the 1991 novel Just Cause and its 1995 film adaptation. He is an intelligent, charming sexual predator who rapes and murders prepubescent girls, and who manipulates lawyer Paul Armstrong into getting him released from prison.

Ferguson was portrayed in the film by Blair Underwood.


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What Makes Him Pure Evil

  • He rapes and murders 11-year-old Joanie Shriver
  • He conspires with Blair Sullivan to get released from prison by having Sullivan take credit for Joanie's murder.
  • He manipulates Paul Armstrong into believing he is innocent.
  • He plants evidence that makes him appear innocent
  • Once freed, he murders Sullivan's parents, per his and Sullivan's plot.
  • He kidnaps Armstrong's wife and daughter as revenge for Mrs. Armstrong previously putting him jail for stalking
  • He tries to rape and kill both Mrs. Armstrong and her daughter

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  • The reason of all Ferguson' crimes is that because of a revenge he plotted against the wife of the protagonist Mrs. Armstrong. Indeed, the woman, wanting to make a reputation for herself, imprisoned Ferguson for rape' charges even if she has nothing concrete to support the accusation. While some can see him as tragic, his actions of raping and murdering Laurie Shriver, a innocent girl, just to make the lawyer Paul Armstrong come to see him, and then wanting to repeat it again to Armstrong's daughter and wife, not only destroys what sympathy he might have had, but also comes as grossly disproportionate.
  • About his grandmother Evangeline, at the beginning, when he gets arrested, Evangeline hits the cop with her broom because she think Bobby was harassed and Bobby holds her gently and asks her to calm down and that he will be back. Some can see this as proof that Bobby, for all his faults, genuinely cares about her. However, Bobby had no interest in his grandmother being taken with him at all. That is because Evangeline was a pawn for Bobby, using her to reach Paul in order to convince him to defend Bobby. In presence of cops, Bobby was better not to act rude toward her. Same thing with their other scene when Bobby is released. He was in public so he holding Evangeline’s hand was likely to make good impression. So, it presents him as more taking advantage of his loving grandmother rather than genuine love of his part.


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