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Your touch makes my pu--y as dry as sandpaper, you f-cking monkey. I can't wait to kill you.
~ The Butcher in Millie Kessler's body.
Well, don't stop. Keep coming. I've been in your body. I understand why you feel so weak. Why you feel so meager. And all that anxiety that you got. Clinging to your dead dad. You're really just a lesser version of her. And having to take all those orders from some drunk mom. But it's all right. It's okay. We'll fix it.
~ The Butcher to Millie, moments before his death.

Quentin Shermer (also known as the Blissfield Butcher) is the main antagonist of the 2020 black comedy horror film Freaky. At first everyone believed it's an urban legend or a ghost, till they know he is real, and the Blissfield Butcher poses a threat to those who mention his name or even see him.

He was portrayed by Vince Vaughn in his normal form and by Kathryn Newton in Millie Kessler's body.


This monster can be described as silent, dangerous and very threatening to the public. He kills anyone or anything that stands in his way without any remorse or guilt, enjoys killing as a hobby and doing illegal drugs.

After switching bodies with Millie Kessler he can be very scary and rude whenever he talks to someone without raising suspicion as he pretends to be Brett's crush. When they switch back to their own bodies he tries to kill the Kessler family one last time and mocking Millie's body as a weakness.

He also has very bad table manners such as eating breakfast when in Millie's body as a pig by scarfing it all down in one go, revealing he hasn't had a real meal in a while and poor personal hygiene as Millie says the Butcher's body smells and tastes like hot dog water.


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What Makes Him Pure Evil

  • He has been a serial killer since 1977 and has become a ghost for a long time.
  • While the nature of the film is considerably comedic, the Butcher's presence never lightened the mood.
  • During a background newscast that mentions he killed his own mother offscreen back in 1992 and left her decapitated head on a Dairy Queen doorstep.
  • In the beginning of the film he breaks into Ginny's house by viciously murdering her and her friends.
  • Steals a dagger known as La Dola as a weapon to stab or kill anyone with it.
  • Attempts to murder Millie Kessler with La Dola and instead of killing her, she and the Butcher switch bodies.
  • In his hideout he has a lot of dead animal corpses as he was very abusive with animals.
  • Wakes up in Millie's body and knows it's a perfect disguise he needs to continue his mass murdering plans and even wants to stay in Millie's body forever as he wants to make sure the change is permanent.
  • Freezes school bully Ryler to death in a cryochamber thing so the attempted murder on Millie Kessler doesn't come out to the public.
  • When Booker accidentally cut his finger in woodworking class, he (while in Millie's body) sucked the blood off his finger.
  • Bisected abusive woodshop Mr. Bernardi with the use of a tablesaw in the classroom.
  • Pretends to be a damsel in distress by sicking the police on Nyla, Joshua and Mille (who has his body) in order to not blow his cover and frame Millie for the crimes he commited.
  • He uses his hideout The Old Mill as a private homecoming dance for the students to party and lead them into a trap to kill a lot of students.
  • Attempts to kill Millie's crush Booker at a mini golf course with a stolen stanley knife.
  • Tries to convince Booker to untie "her" so he can kill everyone at Joshua's house.
  • Says to Millie and her friends something inappropriate about Millie's poem.
  • Attempts to kill Joshua and his mum with a stolen kitchen knife after being released from her dining chair and after failing to kill the Detmer family he knows Millie's body is weak and calls the body useless.
  • Steals La Dola from the police station and slits Nyla's hand after the heroes tried to stop to the Butcher's plans.
  • Steals Char's police cruiser, almost runs Joshua over and heads to the Old Mill to the homecoming dance.
  • Murders Brett, Squi and Tobin who are planning to gang rape him.
  • Kills Phil with a hook to his eye and drags him behind a wall.
  • Attempts to escape with Millie's body and La Dola to make sure they don't switch back.
  • Believes the change has become permanent, ruins Millie's life, with his jerkass behaviour and isn't remorseful for his actions.
  • Escapes from the ambulance after faking his death and follows the Kessler family to murder them one last time in order to succeed his goal.
  • He tries to murder Millie's older sister Char and mother Coral who tried to get Millie to safety.
  • He taunts how pathetic Millie is when he crushes her hand, as well as her family and her deceased father.


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