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Homelander: You... You're...
~ Black Noir revealing himself to Homelander and Billy Butcher.
HHEEENNNHH. So much more than THAT. So many things they'll NEVER know. Lovely things I liked so MUCH. So lovely so SCARY. But had to keep doing them. Had to get ready for the BIG one.
~ Black Noir speaking of the atrocities he committed.

Black Noir is the main antagonist of the controversial adult comic series The Boys. He is a clone of the Homelander that was created by the Nazis and Vought-American to keep an eye on Homelander to make sure that he did not go insane, and to kill him if he did. However, years of treating his target like a friend made him go insane and commit various atrocities while dressed as Homelander to manipulate Vought into giving him the order to kill Homelander and take his place. His actions also fueled Billy Butcher's hatred and vendetta against Homelander (after Noir raped Butcher's wife Becky disguised as Homelander) and sparked the feud between the Seven and Boys.

While The Seven are a corrupt group of false heroes, they (for the most part) possess at least basic morals. Black Noir is an exception, being an unfeeling and soulless monster.


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What Makes Him Pure Evil

  • Becoming obsessed with his mission to terminate Homelander, Black Noir sought to frame the real Homelander just so he could get the order to kill him. Black Noir thus went on numerous rampages disguised as Homelander, in which he raped and murdered dozens of innocent people and even ate babies.
  • He took photographs of his many crimes while posing as Homelander to both drive him mad and frame him for his crimes, leading him to become a sociopath he was in the present.
  • During one of his rampages, Black Noir raped and murdered Rebecca, the wife of Billy Butcher.
  • He sexually assaulted Starlight and Hughie.
  • Later, he manipulates Homelander into staging a superhuman rebellion, sacking the White House and killing countless innocents in the process.
  • Overall Black Noir is shown to get deep enjoyment out of his crimes, so it's clear that he did all of it on his own accord instead of taking orders from Vought.


  • So far, only his comic book counterpart has been considered Pure Evil since the Amazon series version doesn't seemed to be nearly heinous as the said latter and may possibly have a sense of honor.
    • However, with the Amazon series counterpart of Homelander being more heinous than the series' Black Noir. It is unknown if this Black Noir is a clone of Homelander just like in the comic book or there's a possibility that this Black Noir has its own original identity in the series.
      • However there are also several signs that he may not be Homelander's clone:
        • He seems to have an weaker powerset than Homelander as he is seen getting wounded and bleeding multiple times during the show while Homelander has yet to show any weaknesses.
        • Black Noir is allergic to tree nuts and regularly keeps an EpiPen on him in the event of a reaction. This weakness is the first sign that despite the above, Black Noir isn't Homelander's clone as he is in the comics though it could be a misdirection created by the showrunners to trick the viewers to make the twist even more shocking.
        • Also his face gets partially shown when Maeve forcefully feeds him the Almond Joy and looks nothing like Homelanders seemingly confirming that he isn't his clone.
    • Noir and John Godolkin are the only The Boys villains who are considered Pure Evil.

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